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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by zervados, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. I think that we should add a new subforum. Similar to the Auction Forum, the Suggestion Box can get a bit crowded. I suggest that a subforum for closed suggestions should be added. This would allow people to look at the suggestions and reply to them without necroing it. I am thinking a system like this:
    • If the thread has been inactive for 3 months, it gets tagged and put into the Suggestion Box Archive
    • The Tags are: [CLOSED], [ACCEPTED], and [DENIED]
      • Any suggestion moved to the archive is marked as [CLOSED]. It is unnecessary but it feels right to me.
      • Any suggestion that was accepted or is already a thing is [ACCEPTED]
      • And suggestion that is denied is [DENIED]
      • Anything else is just marked as closed.
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  2. This sounds like a great idea!
    +Pie, because ones and negative ones are overrated.
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  3. +pi
    Because pie isn't a number.
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  4. This sounds like a great idea! I have experienced suggesting something and then it being immediately closed because someone already suggested it but I didn't know. +1
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  5. This seems pretty darn practical. I'm all for it.
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  6. Yup, I think this would be a worthy change.
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  7. Krysyy pls.
  8. Unlike the auction forums, the issue with the Suggestions forums is that we want players to search to ensure they aren't posting something someone already did. If we move them to a separate sub-forum, the odds of double suggestions, etc increases exponentially.

    However, I will look into it.
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  9. First of all I'd like to mention that we already have a wiki page which contains already suggested ideas for the Empire.

    But having said that I still support this idea and also think it should be considered, because I think it should make it easier on us (contrib. team) to actually maintain that page. In fact, looking into that pages status has been on my todo list for some time now (and I will) but one thing which always hinders me personally is the fact that going through all the suggestions at this time seems very time consuming to me.

    Especially because it's not always clear from the title or the comments if a suggestion has been accepted, rejected or put on hold.

    So yeah, I'd definitely support this idea.
  10. And yet you want a Moderator to go through this very time consuming process?

    Quite honestly I see no need for a sub-forum. If the wiki page needs updating then it should be updated. In any case the same amount of work needs to be done by 'someone' to get the information updated fully. I don't see that being a staff member at this time.
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  11. Would it help if I/another Contributor went though and added the ones that were clearly denied/accepted? I remember wanting to do that but the page was locked...
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  12. Draft your changes and send to ItsMeMatheus or me. It's locked due to the past....
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