[Suggestion] Start doing EMC referral contest again

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Referral contest

Yes it’s a great idea 4 vote(s) 66.7%
No it’s a it’s a awesome idea 1 vote(s) 16.7%
Maybe it’s it’s the best idea 1 vote(s) 16.7%
  1. We should start EMC refer all contest again. I want new friends to play with and it’s been yearssss since the last one. I’m pretty sure they were successful considering I was brought here using one. Let’s do it again pls
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  2. Pretty sure there hasn't been one, since the way it counts for referrals broke? or was no longer reliable? but +1 if it can be done again, but with caution
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  3. from my understanding, there's no longer the ability to get the referral metrics like they used to, thus apparently preventing it from being possible again.
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  4. edit:
    Per https://empireminecraft.com/wiki/referral-contests/:
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  6. Were you hoping for the in-game referral one or the link clicks (or both)?

    edit: ninja'd by above reply lol
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  7. Either or both it doesn’t matter. As long as we get new players and people have fun.
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  8. The end goal is always to get more people to join the minecraft server itself
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  9. Unfortunately, this isn't true. If there will be a contest, there will be some incentive for the winners, like a special item. In that case, if people have the ability to cheat, and abuse it, it will cause tension and unrest.
  10. With that logic emc should stop doing events because there is a insensitive and people will always find a way to cheat. With the ingame referral it makes you use a legit microsoft minecraft account thenit makes you use a email to sign in on the forums then type in the players name who referred you
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  11. And before any of that you also have to go through a tutorial first sure it’s basic but there’s a lot of things you gotta do before you can type in the referral persons name
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  12. This will be fun and hopefully will grow EMC, like I said I came here because of one of these contest and have loved it so I don’t see why we shouldn’t do it again?
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  13. It is indeed probably just the clicks one that's inviable. Your slippery slope argument seems surprisingly sound, upon consideration.
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  14. Thank you I just want more people to play here with us, that requires more exposure and a dedicated player base. We have the dedicated player Ase already so why not put them to use while also rewarding them for their efforts?
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  15. Did you mean to say "base" instead of "Ase"?

    I googled it first before asking since there are many terms used in gaming I just have no clue about. This did not come up with an answer.
  16. Lol yes sorry
  17. Interesting idea, but I think everyone has already brought up some good points. Frankly, almost being on here for 8 years (tomorrow), I have only referred a single person to EMC. Though they left promptly after a week.
  18. I've done only four, although for the fourth one I have no idea who they were. :confused: Not sure if a referral contest would make me do more though, especially considering that I don't play myself anymore (and haven't for 8 years).
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  19. In almost 8 years here I've only referred one, a family member. I don't play any other servers so I have no exposure to other players so I couldn't participate.

    It would be nice though to see more players.
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  20. Your very active for someone who hasn’t played for 8 years? Wow I feel like I used to see you on all the time