[Suggestion] 'Small' things to add to the Empir

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  1. I've been looking at EMC's updates, and while they're awesome, I still have some small suggestions.

    1. Messages across smps'
    - I don't know if this is possible, but it would be a good idea. Personally, I have a lot of friends who jump around smps', so this would be extremely helpful; You would have to be friends with the person, but you could continue messaging them even if they switch with smp server they're currently on. So you could be on SMP8, but they could be on SMP3
    2. Mini-shops in the Frontier and Wild
    - Shops that would be like "save havens", they would only sell leather armor and iron weapons/tools, stone weapons/tools, and wooden weapon/tools, boats, food, and other basic things you'd need in the wild, that would also let you stop at to not be attacked. You would not be able to teleport from here into town or any residences.
    3. Groups in the Wild/Frontier
    - This way, when you're out with friends, you can do a command, like /invite (playername) (wild (w)/Wild nether (wn)/Frontier (f)/etc) group, and then that way, you can have your group of friends, and be able to track them, like with a beacon-like light that you can see to tell where everyone is.
    4. Residence Types
    - For people who like to make games, shops, or etc, you can actually classify what title your residence is. This wouldn't be a supporter perk. You could do a command, (like /res type (type)) and there would be many options, i.e. Shop, Bulk Shop, Residence, Game, Maze, etc. I just feel like it would be easier, because you could do /v +(res type)
    5. New Armor
    - Armor made out of emeralds and redstone as promos or voters gifts. (God armor) This wouldn't be craftable in game, but could be taken as a promo or gift.
    Type other suggestions down below.
    I appreciate feedback.
  2. I think everything that I didn't quote should be added. However, no. 2 is confusing. If players made shops in the wild, Aikar would have to make flags in the wild to keep players from stealing the items in the chest, or griefing the shop. Plus, if you are saying its a "safe haven", what would the requirements be to make a shop in the wild.
    Also, for number 3, can't you just use the live map? I think that would be really hard to code, putting lights above player's heads.
    Otherwise, I really like the other suggestions. :)
  3. Can't you already make shops? Just lock a chest and put a buy/sell sign on it, I think.
  4. yeah i have seen one before a long time ago selling promos
  5. The new emerald and redstone armor would be impossible to do without mods.
  6. Each outpost has a shop. Other than that, I doubt this would happen. :)

    This is already a feature (most of it).

    We have residence tags. /res tag add (tag) and /v +tag to visit residences with that tag. So... already implemented. :)

    Emerald and Redstone armor is impossible unless it is just renamed armor. Aikar/devs can only work with what the game has.
    Also, there is Voters Gear.