[Suggestion] Reset Wastelands.

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Do you want the waste to Reset?

Yes 46 vote(s) 82.1%
No 10 vote(s) 17.9%
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  1. Hey EMC,

    I have had several new and old EMC Players come up and ask about the Waste being reset, and I think that since its been a while since the last reset they should reset, as it will be a long time still to 1.8. Now i need your support to get admin to aprove this so we can have a nice clean place to mine.

    Do you want the Waset to reset?


  2. I know there has been a lot of work done in the wild.. but once 1.8 finally can roll out on the server, I'd love to possibly see the wild reset, too.. so we can get some of that 1.8 action out there.. :) Probably wouldnt ever happen, but nice thoughts.

    But yeah.. The wastes need resetting!! :O
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  3. yea but i was looking for more a reset before 1.8 as it will be several months before there is a 1.8 stable .jar from Sponge.
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  4. the waste actually is not that explored if you take a boat and go out a bit there are thousands upon thousand s of blocks to dig
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  5. I vote yes to a reset.
  6. U are thinking of the Frontier, The wasteland can only go 5k out from the outpost, and on smp6 it is fully exlpored,
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  7. there still is that one thing about the wastelands servers, they were supposed to be reset rather frequently to keep it fresh.. and i don't think it gets it at all.
    same with the frontier, hundreds of blocks around each spawn REALLY needs spawned again because it looks horrible and its hard to even walk past it when you've got to dodge holes to bedrock :(

    i don't know how many times i've seen threads of people begging to have those areas fixed up and they never are.
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  8. they wont do that in the frontier as people have bases around there, i even have my nether portals very close to the outposts, But on the other hand wastelands, i do agree, they say it was suppose to reset more often, but last reset i think was for 1.7 update :p
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  9. I haven't seen any evidence of the wastelands actually need a reset. Perhaps the first hundred blocks are trashed but after that it's fine.
  10. What is a "waset"? :p

    and the wastelands is a huge world; just walking a few hundred blocks away from the spawn will take you to untouched or good quality land. :)
  11. On smp5 it actually is not to badly explored ive been there
  12. What needs to be done is people need to think about how much of the above area has just been walked on, it hasnt been all gathered up or explored it is just on the map
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  14. Personally, I vote yes. I can't tell you how many times I get chased by mobs, and I'm just about to make it away when I fall down some hole and die. Repeat many times and you have smp2 wastelands.
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  15. i remember on
    ce long go maybe a year and a few months ago shaunwhite1881 came on and reset the area around wild spawn and i frolicked in the medows of no blown to bits wild spawn area and i loved it
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  16. It would be the best if there was a regular reset cycle.
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  17. I agree, but I suggest like every half year, because some people build some amazing stuff out there.
  18. the wastelands are not for building so that really should not matter.
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  19. It shouldn't, but it does to the people that got stuck out there, and ended up making vast bases with their friends.
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