{Suggestion} Reset 4k out in the Frontier

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Reset 4k out from each outpost and spawn in the Wild Frontier?

Yes 11 vote(s) 30.6%
No 18 vote(s) 50.0%
Not Sure 7 vote(s) 19.4%
  1. Hello EMC,

    Have you Noticed how the Frontier is so messed up when you spawn? I was thinking, Why don't they reset the wild, but only 4k out, so then the land is new and fresh, to try and keep the land nice and new, Heck its hard to travel across that stuff to get to a portal or to a tunnel to your base. Anyone Know what I mean?

    Only Reset it in the Wild, the nether i find is fine, This would also make EMC look nicer for all the new players.
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  2. Sorry can someone fix the title, laptop bugged out,

    {Suggestion} Reset 4k out in the Frontier.

  3. I think this is a good idea, but I personally have a base about 3k out(it was made before the wild policy) and would not like to have to move all my stuff out. maybe reset 1-2k out?
  4. I think at least 1k out would be a good idea.
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  5. This is excellant! +1
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  6. Bumpity, Bump
  7. I think resetting the near vicinity of wild spawns may be a good idea. I find it hard to even get around in the first 1,000 blocks, holes everywhere and random dirt towers blocking the pavements :confused: Perhaps just start it off with a small reset near spawn, but something would have to be done with the whole biome joining up thing, as it may turn out a bit weird having tons of different biomes meet up with a lot of others in one place...
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  8. Yes, but not 4k out, my wild base that I worked hard on would be reset. I like the other people saying 1-2k blocks out, where no one travels on. Maybe a community vote from each server and the majority wins.
  9. Maybe 500... On smp8 someone has a massive city 700 out I think
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  10. even better yet, if it's possible to do each server a custom distance to fit it's particular issue that would be best
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  11. Umm... How about 500-1k blocks... Any more would be dangerous to outpost, grinders, etc. I think my smp9 grinders is within 4k from spawn
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  12. Hell no to 4k. You do realize that 4k out from each spawn is 80% of the original, pre-spawned Frontier, right?
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  13. I would say no to this one. I understand your reason why, but players have been told its a safe place to build that wont get reset. Most new players dont have the time or equipment to set up a base thousands of blocks away from the spawn. I dont think most players will like it if this is done.

    Even 1k out is 2k by 2k... thats 4 million blocks... (this is just one level...)

    10 servers
    Aka 50 Outposts
    About 200 million blocks per level of ground....

    How many of these blocks have something a player will lose/never see again?
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  14. Though I would love for the land to be reset, I'm sadly going to say no.
    Due to my computer I cannot travel far from spawn or the outpost so I spend most of my time working around some of the outpost fixing them up (I want to fix the environment but I don't want it to fixed isn't there a word for that?) . While doing this I found a zombie spawner that I use quite regularly and I am also converting to a full fledged mob spawner and moving it would .

    I believe that others have things near outposts and spawns so it may inconvenience them also.

    So again, while its sad for me to say, I am kinda against it.
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  15. I'll weigh in a dissenting opinion to some people here. I actually have a base that's less than 1k out and I agree that we should reset up to 1,000m out. I think this is a wonderful idea that would breathe some new life into the wild; make it more exciting for new players!
  16. This is all old hat and has been discussed in the past; thus the reason that the Wastelands, which are periodically regenerated, were created. So a most definite no as far as I'm concerned.
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  17. The Wastelands were made to keep the Frontier beautiful. But there is barely and beauty to keep in the Frontier due to the fact that it never had a reset when the Wastelands were made so now there is a lot of crap near the outposts.
  18. hell no,
    For all the reasons already listed. However i do appreciate what some volunteers do repairing the close areas around the 5 spawns of the frontier on all servers.
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  19. No, just no. First off, people still have their wild bases out that far, My base is just bordering the 5k mark, and I know people with a base within 4k of a spawn. I like the idea of having staff world edit some of the destroyed land back, but reseting 4k would kill a lot of bases. A wild reset would cause a lot of damage, and I think it is not a good idea.

    Someone had a "restore the frontier campaign", which I thought was a great idea. If an area has no builds or anything secretive, the person would fill dirt in the area, plant trees, etc. If any reseting should be done, it should be done very close to spawn, manually by senior staffs and/or community managers.
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