[Suggestion] Require moderators to inform on moderation decisions

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  1. I've found a few cases of thread locks etc. to be a bit perplexing. I believe that when a thread is locked, moved or merged, the moderator responsible should post about their decision and to an extent, why they made the decision.

    For an example, this thread(http://empireminecraft.com/threads/a-tribute-to-nick5013.36529/) was locked, but I don't exactly see why. It may classify as a good bye thread, but I personally wouldn't. In none of the statements about good bye threads(have there been any?) has it stated that another member posting a thread is disallowed.

    This'd be easy to do. And it would work as a way of reenforcing into others what is allowed and not allowed.
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  2. I agree. Usually mods just press the "Lock" button and leave it like that. In the MC Fourms mods give a VALID decision why they locked it. I think Emc should be like that.
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  3. I don't see why it shouldn't be announced, unless it's something confidential or exploitative.
  4. The reason was it was a "get around" to be a goodbye thread. I feel that when the people in charge understand what they're doing to get around something, they already know why it was locked. :)
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  5. Not true. While the thread in question is an exception, Every time I personally make a moderation decision on the forums, I am sure to leave a reply on why it was made. This particular thread I believe is just getting more attention because of what it is related to.
  6. True, but still Nick himself did not voice his opinions on the matter, and didn't even ask Olaf to make the thread. It was out of kindness that it was created.

    On the topic of this thread, I personally agree that it should be publically known why it was locked. Most of the time a reason is given but not in all cases. Just think if all threads but auction threads were to get this it would help a lot.
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  7. Some mods always leave a reply, but then there's just a few cases were there isn't a reply, and it doesn't make any sense why.

    It acts as constructive criticism, which is good.
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  8. It was a very good bypass of the standard Goodbye Thread model, that is why it went unnoticed longer than usual.
    It still isn't allowed, as a rule. As you can see, it wasn't deleted. It made it onto the forums and will be here forever. :)
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  9. So you are telling me; I can't pay tribute to a friend who was really awesome and great but it classifies as a "goodbye" thread?
  10. I still think the "no goodbye" threads rule is kind of bogus.. exactly how will it make a new member feel like they won't go on the server?...
  11. You may do so to him personally. Not to send a message to try and spread a 'message'.
  12. I think a lot of laws are kind of weird...but they stand a reason regardless. I have to follow them, even if I don't agree with them. The same stands here.
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  13. It's not completely about new members getting a bad vibe if they see a goodbye thread either, it's also about how in some instances they scream for attention and back before they were locked, there were multiple goodbye threads on the daily, with most of those players coming back after a week anyway. :)
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  14. I talked to Nick on the matter. I had his permissiom.
  15. Oh. >_<
  16. The fact of the matter is that, like any other drama inducing thread, It was shut down in order to prevent problems sure to cause fights. Staff is not required to post their reason behind every decision. It is a courtesy that some choose to do so. Often the reason is discussed in a private message and doesn't need to be highlighted nor commented on by the community.
  17. Moderators usually explain why, anyway. I've never actually seen a locked/moved thread without a moderator explaining why they did it.
  18. Relating to the Original Post. I mainly lock old auctions. I don't see a reply is necessary on that (but I need to remember to put (CLOSED) in the title.
  19. D: D:
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