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  1. If anyone has ever wanted to use a wither for a farm like this you know what dilemma you run into. Everyime you log out the wither will despawn. Normally the way these farms would work is you would rename the wither with a name tag that way whenever the server restarts or the chunk is unloaded the wither wouldn't despawn. On EMC you can't rename a wither with a nametag. :eek:

    My suggestion is to add this as a senior staff service. Now the main concern with renaming a wither so it doesn't despawn would be the fact it could be used as a crazy powerful griefing tool, but in this situation if a senior staff did the renaming it could be manageable. This would also cost a decent amount of money, ranging from 20k-50k.

    A few requirements to avoid griefing:
    • When PMing a senior staff member to rename the wither you must list the coordinates of your base and make sure that there are no other bases within 'x' amount of blocks.
    • The owner of the outpost/base must give the okay for the wither to be renamed to avoid members of the outpost attacking it.
    • Whichever player had the wither renamed name is recorded wherever and if anything goes wrong you can track whose wither it was based on location/server.
    If you have any add-ons that would make this more fair please list them. I think this would be a great thing to help the wood/stone economy! :D
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  2. +1 From Bro :) This is a great idea
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  3. I like it. I've always wanted to enslave Withers to do my bidding. So the Withers would be automatically named with a special number code or something to track each Wither? Or is that just common coding that Aikar could take care of?
  4. You would need to supply the snr staff member with the 3 wither skulls and 4 soul sand and they would just spawn in a renamed wither for you. (forgot to mention in OP)
  5. There are still plenty of situations where this could be abused or go wrong. I like the idea, and Im sure it would work. I just think there needs to be a better way to prevent griefing with a wither first.
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  6. I am going with no. I do not like AFK farms like this or AFK farms in general.
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  7. I can see your opinion of course, but can you explain a bit more? Everything can go wrong somehow :p
    Please do not vote no just because YOU don't like AFK farms.
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  8. Well it appears that 2 people like AFK farms, should they not vote yes?

    AFK farms make it very hard for the newer or even older players to sell stuff as you AFK farmers get tons of rupees from a building that produces free logs as the people who worker harder spend time and tools to cut down trees and wait for them to grow/grow them with bonemeal.

    With the upcoming argument of "I built this with my time and rupees" well, you only have to build it once to get all the logs you possibly want.
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  9. But, the people who are not using AFK farms are making the choice not to. It's not like people with AFK farms have some special power. Anybody can choose to make and use farms, and anybody can also choose to go the "slow" traditional way.
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  10. Some people do not have the materials, knowledge, or the rupees.
  11. Well to be a bit off topic of this thread but to address you, farms like this aren't actually allowed to be afked at. Similar to the AFK at fish farm there is a rule you must reply within 5 minutes of a PM from a staff member. This means you are allowed to tape down your mouse if you're at your computer, for example reading a book or something.
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  12. I might be lost in this, but what use is a wither alive?
  13. Some people don't have the materials, knowledge or rupees to build [insert almost anything that can be built in MC.]
    However, everyone still has the ability to gain materials, knowledge and rupees needed.
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  14. Yeah....that doesn't seem like a good thing for the Empire. I will speak with Aikar about it, but don't get your hopes up.
  15. Plus, they make a cute little friend*. :p
    *Provided that they are in a completely Wither-proof holding cell, preferably in a straightjacket and headcuffs.
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  16. Good question. In EMC, you cant (currently) rename withers. This means when you leave the area, or disconnect, the wither will despawn. When you rename it with a nametag, It will stay there, no matter how many times you reconnect, or leave the chunks. Sam made a Youtube video about it once.
  17. Yes, I am well aware of the AFK farm.

    If this farm is going to be used, I would say to keep it as it is. Having 1 wither always there earning you infinite logs is a bit OP, but if you always have to respawn the wither, I find it is a good price to pay.
  18. You have to take into account that it takes massive amounts of bones to run this efficiently, and even then it isn't that great. This farm is nowhere near OP because cutting logs is a lot faster. The trade off for 9000r for 3 wither skeleton skulls for a bit of wood currently isn't worth running this machine.

    To make this more balanced we could make it a lot more rupees for the service. I would pay around 100k to have a wither be permanent at my base and I think others would as well. 100,000r is equivalent to about 35 times you can turn the machine on.
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