[SUGGESTION] Remove SMP9 from "recommended server" on site

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  1. The title says it all - why not fill up some of the servers in the middle like SMP4-SMP5-SMP2, ect. with new members that have been directed from Minestatus and other voting sites! Just remove SMP9 from the recommended server. What text do you think could replace it?

    Basic thread for basic idea. :)
  2. If anything SMP9 is second most Popular before SMP1
  3. SMP1 or SMP9 then :3
  4. That may be to do with the way the system works as it sends new players to a specific server. If smp9 come's up more then other servers then it will get more players and I with Alex on this one, however my idea was more radical and I could see a lot of problems with it.

    This one though would be better, but I think a lot of it is to do with the auto-select for new players.
  5. Yeah - also it's not like it makes a difference if you're new whether you join SMP9 or SMP2
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  6. As you've probably noticed, the servers are looking busier again at the moment. So if SMP1 and SMP9 start getting full, then I suppose that will start spilling players onto the other servers anyway.
    I agree that more could be done to guide new players onto the middle servers though. When SMP1 runs out of residences, the new players are often unaware that there are other EMC servers available for them to go to.
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  7. I reckon the servers everyone should be guided to are SMP5, SMP6 and SMP8
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  8. Indeed and it's amazing, so let's share the love xD But that does make sense, slightly - although not efficient.
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  9. I dont agree. SMP4 is an amazing server. We have a great economy (We kept Aikar away with pitchforks!) And we also have lots of friendly players. And everyone helps and its the home server of chickeneer and R0bbiejo :)
  10. See Jake agrees!
  11. I think SMP 3, 6, 8 are having less players than others, well whenever i look at the server list
    Edit- I still agree with nfelll though
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  12. We should list the servers that has fewer players than other. We need them all 60/60 ^_^
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  13. We used to have 60/60 then SMP7, 8, 9 came and we are too big. So that more players are spread out
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  14. I say, the cow should put all servers in a hat and pick one :p
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  15. When I said guided too I was referring to the servers running out of players SMP4 is just fine.
  16. Oh I thought you mean like they are the best or something! Because NO! SMP4 is the best >.> Ask anyone on SMP4
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  17. Yesterday SMP1 was at 62/60 for at least an hour =D
  18. SMP3 needs more players. We have about 11/60. sometimes 5/60. We also have alot of free residences.
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  19. I would definitely say SMP3 needs more players :)
  20. Yeah, it used to have a very big population, and was 60/60 so often I bought iron to log in :p It was also very easy to get griefed in the wilderness.