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What do you think?

Yes. 6 vote(s) 25.0%
No. 8 vote(s) 33.3%
I'll kill myself if this happens. 6 vote(s) 25.0%
Meh. 4 vote(s) 16.7%
  1. Not sure how I was to name this thread but... I tried xD

    Now on to the real stuff, I was thinking a few days ago... the colored names are good... but what if some skips the tutorial, doesn't know the ranks or just forgets the color to rank...
    Wouldn't putting in a little box your rank in the color instead of just name colors make everyone's job about understanding the ranks easier

    EXAMPLES: [Mod]NoahMarcusWhite [Lead Dev.]NoahMarcusWhite [Dev.]NoahMarcusWhite [Sr. Staff]NoahMarcusWhite [Admin]NoahMarcusWhite And so on... Give me all your guy's opinion... not sure if this was suggested before or not tho :p Hope this was good grammer...
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  2. I don't think the tutorial tells you what the colors mean in the first place lol

    EDIT: It doesn't lol
  3. From what I remember a few months ago it did...
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  4. Yeah, the newer tutorial is a lot different and it doesn't really tell you anything (from the number of people that are confused after completing the tutorial)
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  5. The reason that it's just coloured names is because having prefixes just makes it look too spammy. It's nice and clean the way it is, and there's no harm in asking if you don't know what rank someone is.
  6. I have been on the server over 400 days (witch compared to some is not a lot at all) and i still get confused on witch color means what. So i think this is a great idea!
  7. If you play on other servers - generally almost every server has
    green as moderator | red or purple as admin

    If you don't play on another server you might not know this 'at first anyways' ...

    If you're colour blind you may not can tell the colours apart easily (depending what your eye conditions are.... but the removal of green from white makes purple | red makes cyan | blue makes yellow .... remove them completely and it makes black ... add them all and it makes white ... so colour isn't (to be honest) a problem ... at least considering the staff now have * symbols to signify they are staff....

    If you did add prefixes - Don't add full ones - that is spammy ... and is why I quit a few servers few years ago...

    If they are added - it wouldn't draw attention from the eyes as much if they are added to the tab list ... or if they are only initialed.

    A - admin
    S - senior staff
    M - moderator
    C - developer (coder)
    D - diamond
    G - gold
    I - iron
    W - contributor (wiki)
    B - build team
    R - regular (or no prefix)
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  8. You see if you skip the tutorial or forget the ranks those prefixes wouldn't help...
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  9. Aikar attempted this I believe. Most names are simply too long.
  10. Thats why you could use things like A-admin M-moderator ext. like eklektoi said
  11. aikar did this but some names like krys are to long so they would take up others ppls spaces so aikar did * before the name instead
  12. Since the names are too long maybe just make the name the colour so in chat when you type something it would look a bit like this: Gadget_AD: Blah Blah blah.

    Of course make the colour of your name the colour that represents the rank so for mod it would be green and Dev it would be blue and so on and so forth.

    This may or may not make sense xD but its worth a try :p
  13. Nothing for YouTuber? :p
  14. I feel that players would still be confused.. and I don't really like that because it would look like spam, eklektoi. Also, the stuff in the original post used to be on the Empire, but it looked like spam so Aikar changed it.
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  15. Not really in-game important.
  16. All community teams are important in their own ways. Everyone is important in their own way, you don't have to be staff, a community team or anything "special" to help.
  17. Huh? You're confusing me :confused: This is already the case, right?
    Hm, I don't agree with that. The YouTube people record in-game, you know.
  18. That is not what I meant at all.
    YouTubers and Contribution people do not need a pretty title in-game. YouTubers will most likely get annoyed to do a co-op for videos and Contribution people do not really do much when it comes to in-game things. Their focus is the Wiki and the Blog.
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  19. :)