[SUGGESTION] 'Rank numbers' beside forum title

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  1. Recently, a great new update was added for users who have surpassed the 'Well-Known Member' title. However, for users who have been here since EMC's first months (like me) they're a bit confusing. Is 'Prominent' above or below 'Distinguished'? And so on.

    My simple suggestion is to prefix each title with a star icon and a rank.
    So New Member would be ★1, Member would be ★2, Active Member would be ★3, Well-Known Member would be ★4, and so on.
    It'd be easy af to implement. What are our thoughts?
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  2. I don't think they're too confusing - new, active, member, well-known, prominent, distinguished, elite, esteemed, legendary. There's a page for all of them, too, in order: http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/ranks-information/

    Considering that the titles would have to be squished further, and that they're easy to memorize, -1.
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  3. Nope. I wouldn't like that. The rank names are very easy to remember, I won't forget that "Elite" comes later than "Prominent". The stars would make it look more busy, and would either reduce the space that can be used for the title, or make the box bigger, which are both bad things in my opinion.
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  4. +1/-1

    (Based on reasons already given.)
  5. Elite and Esteemed should be switched. :I

    I don't find them all that confusing.
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  6. Like sky said. I think the order they are in is why they are confusing. Prominent>distinguished>esteemed> elite would make way more sense in my opinion. There is a leaderboard right? If not that would be cool too.

    Edit: was using those symbols as arrows, not greater than signs lol.
  7. I just like the idea of stars by my name lol
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