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  1. So as most of you know that EMC has an Event, UHC. Well this event is fun as it is, but what if we threw in a prize? So here's my thought. We have a RainbowChin PVP Head (Event Prize). An Orange Krysyy Head (An Event Prize). Aikar PVP Head (Event Prize). SO I figured, hey, why not a RainbowChin UHC Head?! So here's what I made,
    This is what it would look like if my team were to have gotten it (since I won) We were pink team and it was 8/23/15. All members would receive the head. The people who there is solid proof that have won would receive the item that they would've won. Also, just a note. I did not make this just because I won, I made it now because I was too lazy to make it a while ago and the winning made me think, Oh yah! I should post that! Hope you guys like it!

    It could also be un-dated/un-lored.

    Edit: Don't like a UHC Head? Maybe a UHC Golden Apple :)
  2. Was this really worth spamming in town chat about? *sighs* voted -1 just because of that.
  3. Spamming? I posted the link once on each server.
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  4. I apologize. Spamming is wrong term.

    However, still just my two cents, whatever it's worth, try economy, and maybe post what it's about other than just a single link.

    My negative reaction is derived from the fact I click thinking it might be an auction or something that's useful to myself. Only to find it's not.

  5. Reasoning?
  6. This does not belong in economy chat....
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  7. -1. UHC shouldn't have prizes. That would mean X-Raying makes a little sense.
  8. Alright, I'll get into thinking of something that could be a notable prize.
    No guarantees that it will be a head OR how it will obtained.
  9. Yah as Erektus said, could you explain a little more?

    Who says it isn't useful to you?
  10. Yeah, but when you get banned for x-ray mods the head no longer exists...
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  11. Sweet!

    Technically just regular mining could make "X-Raying make a little sense". I mean anything with a reward is bound to have some form of cheater, that's just how it is.
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  12. Good point.
  13. -1 the new prize should be original.
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  14. Ok, so maybe a "UHC Golden Aapple" I'll add it as an edit.
  15. I think that this is good, but I think the Golden Apple idea might be better, since we already have a RainbowChin PVP Head. We don't want too much minty, right? :) However, I think that a positive side effect could be that this would maybe get some more people (like, I dunno, me) to come to the event in hopes of getting their hands on riches. :p
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  16. -1. UHC is on an external server and prizes should not carry over to EMC. Only thing that should carry over is bragging rights.
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  17. On of the reasons I figured this would be a good idea :)

    It's an EMC Event. It's like saying, "Oh, since you won a Rainbow PVP Head on smp6 you shouldn't get to have it on your home server of SMP1"
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  18. I like it but I like the golden apple better then the head
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  19. It's an event on a separate server. It's not on EMC. That's like saying your exact items from singleplayer should be available on EMC.
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