[Suggestion] Promo voucher (Boss drop)

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  1. Hey all!! :D
    I got a cool suggestion. I was thinking that since the spawn rates for mini bosses are up there should be new drops. But not the shiny items the vouchers.
    A new voucher sperated into tiers. Voucher will be mailed to specified player who killed the boss

    For example:
    Tier 1 would be for a not so valuable promo and when right clicked it will pop up a promo of choice a
    (promo voucher items decided by staff) the item will be mailed to specified player.

    Acquired at difficulty 6 or higher
    Will have a 5% drop rate

    Tier 2
    Will be somewhat valuable promos (decided by staff)
    Examples of promos
    Holiday Candle
    ,rupees ,

    Aquired at difficulty 7 or higher
    3% drop rate

    Tier 3 (The better top notch promo)
    will need to be acquired by difficulty 8 or higher
    Haunted Head
    This voucher will have a 1-2% drop rate
    Etc you get the point

    Leave a comment on how i can improve the suggestion
    Thanks guys!!

    Lets hope this will become a new mob drop!!

    *BUMP* Can be randomized promo depending if the tier is still being a factor
  2. I like it! Tho code limitations might not make this work, and a drop in prices of promos :p

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  3. yea but the way i see it the drop will be super rare even on difficulty 10
  4. Hm... I'm not too sure if "decided by staff" will work. You know, it's quite hard to divide promos in tiers. I mean, an Ore Buster is obviously more valuable than a Labour Day crafting table, but with most other promos it might be hard to decide.
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  5. Yes i usually just go to every promo shop on the server and record rupee values <3
  6. Beat me to it, mine was a bit of a different idea though. I may be posting this item soon though. (It's actually a lot different and I swear to you this was original, just never made. I'm lazy.)
  7. Instead of staff choosing, it could be a random generation upon claim. Just like the promo chest but where they do not stack so players can't tell.
  8. I am thinking of tiered vouchers, the higher the tiers, the more of a chance of it dropping.

    Tier 1 Promotional Voucher - Redeem 1 promotional item from 2012
    Tier 2 Promotional Voucher- Redeem 1 promotional item from 2013
  9. true dat may wanna edit this before giving staff the link
  10. *BUMP*
    Editing it right away!! ;)
  11. kk fixed it im creating a final draft and ill re edit it again .
  12. You can only bump 3 hours after the last comment made by anyone :confused:
  13. What if it lists promos and you can only choose one specific promo from the list? And of course, each voucher will have different promos. And the promos will be based on what tier the voucher is? For example, if the voucher is a higher tier, it will have a rarer choice of promos?
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  14. Correct the better one will be so rare youll need to be on a certain difficulty, Therefore letting you
    get a better promo
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  15. opps lol *EDIT*
  16. Maybe exclude limited edition promos and add only the ones that are obtainable yearly such as the MEW? And for the highest tier, add only two promos that are limited edition ones?
  17. This is sort of reminding me of TF2's Munition Crates.
  18. not really a drop with promo prices as the percentage will be insanely low
  19. EXACTLY :D

    ok i just got blewn up by a enraged creeper im gonna bathe my tears away in a dc of diamonds i bought. :oops: