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Which option do you like better

Option 1 (long time out, but good book) 19 vote(s) 41.3%
Option 2 (short time out, but not so good book, unless really lucky) 27 vote(s) 58.7%
  1. Available on USA's Teacher's day via /promo
    • Is on the 1st tuesday of the month of May (in United States)
    Name: Teacher's Bookshelf
    Lore: Explore the teachers' secret knowledges

    What does it do?
    I have two options

    1. give out a random enchanted lvl30 book, every 20-30 days when you right click
    2. give out a random enchanted book, with a random lvl range, and it gives a book every 2 days
    • it would have a higher percentage chance for low lvl books
    What are your thoughts on the CONCEPT? How can we make the suggestion better?!

    Remember to vote in poll!!

    People's suggestions:
    Promo Improvements
    Having an apple related item also:

    Shorten the Option 1 time out

    Other Promos
    Having an apple related item also:

    Have a Utility Promo(sort of like Labor day)

    Have a book that gives little xp:

    Not Having A promo at all, but having somthing else**Krysyy's quote is in here

    Theme Logo:

    Krysyy's imagtination, but less complex

  2. I think it's a cool idea, although not many people know of teachers day, whether in the us or not.
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  3. that is why EMC is(if they do this) going to propagate and enthuthiast people about teacher's day
  4. +1. teachers are really important to our lives, and this sounds like a cool idea.
  5. I do enjoy this idea, but teachers are more than often represented by apples. Maybe something that dispenses apples (or an apple that dispenses something else)? +1 for this idea though!
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  6. maybe make this promo a chest promo
    that contains a apple and the bookshelf
    the apple would be named Teacher's apple
    Lore: commemorating the teachers's knowledge enrichment to our own (or something similar)

    and it would dispense an apple every 24 hours
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  7. knowledge. +1 , Yes teachers are very important in our lives. Without them I wouldn't even know where earth would be right now.
  8. +1. It'd bring more recognition to such a lesser-known holiday. :)
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  9. +1
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  10. +1 Sounds really good! however with the first option (really good book but every 20-30 days) I think it has to be a bit shorter. Such as 10-15 days. But, either way, this idea is fan-freaking-tastic!
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  11. +1, I like this idea. Thanksgiving all over again...
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  12. Nice idea, +1.
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  13. I think this idea and obviously love the fact it's all about teachers! ^.^ My initial hesitation with this was that if Empire is going to celebrate Teacher's Day, it would also have to celebrate every other day, like Nurse's Day and Secretary's Day.

    However, the majority of EMC players are in school or some type of training, be it K-12 or college (and their equivalents in other countries.) School is a huge part of most of our lives. Even I am going to school to get my master's (most U.S. teachers have to do this to keep their jobs, btw.) School is often talked about in chat and there isn't always a very happy, optimistic light shone on teachers when it's talked about :(. I think this could help bring some much needed awareness and appreciation since so much of the Empire's population has at least one teacher in some capacity working diligently to help them learn.

    +1 for this idea.... but as a teacher, I'm kinda biased.
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  14. I have to say that I believe in good education as a base, is always good for a succeding civilization. Everyone is a teacher, in my opinion because everyone has shared their knoledge with someone else. I was motivated to post this because in Europe and other countries, their teacher's day has recently happened. This day, to me, conmemorates the effort and love that phew people(meaning, not a majority of society) have taken to devote their lives as teachers. And as you have mentioned, everyone has a connection to a teacher in EMC, been in primary, middle-, highschool, also college, and University(or just being a parent). This is why i believe that EMC should take action, and increase the awereness of the effort of how you and many others have focused your live in teaching to help the society.

    Ps. Im multitasking this paragraph so a phew things may not make sense
  15. Ooh, you mean a book that requires 30 levels. At first I thought you meant a level 30 enchantment :p
  16. I mean a book with a lvl 30 enchantment(or a random enchant level(2nd option))
  17. Oh! Now i understand what you asked, correct: it gives an free enchanted book that has the enchants as if a pleuer had lvl 30. It does not give prot 30(if that is what you were asking)
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  18. I would say the first option but like people say:
    Shorten the Option 1 time out
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  19. would not you think its a little op having free enchantment books given to you I mean you could get a good enchantment book and not even use enchantment book stores
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