[Suggestion] Prizes for Total TEXP Leaders.

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by MrWhosMagic, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. Hello EMC, Community, Staff and Mods. I have an idea, an idea that could change EMC. . . .

    No, it's just a plain old boring idea, that would just make EMC that tiny bit better ;)

    You know that little square on the right handside of the Forums, with Total TEXP, and wondering why the bum bum it doesn't have prizes for it? I mean commonnnn, you go to all this trouble to get to Number 1, but for what..? Exactly :p

    I suggest maybe implement some prizes or something, like personal bests, or Number 1 For 1 week, or number 1 for a whole month, or something like that.

    I guess the community will have better suggestions then me, but just something along those lines :p
  2. You try for number 1 to say you're number 1 :)
  3. i mean the hundreds of enchanted books you can make with that is certainly reward enough. but emc leaderboards of varying types is a tabled idea i believe.