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  1. I think that the people at the top 3 in texp should be rewarded for their hard work at 24/7 EXTERMINATING: #1: 10k after the texp is reset #2: 5k after the texp is reset #3: 2k after the texp is reset.
  2. Why should they get paid to stand at a grinder for hours?
  3. I hate my bad ideas :(
  4. I wasn't being rude, I was just asking. The way that most people get their TEXP is grinders. If we implemented payment for TEXP then people will want to know why exactly we should pay them to stand at a grinder for hours as well as start up that whole "I GOTTA BEAT ________ IN TEXP!" thing again and people will be begging for grinders. If you explain it more and give more reasoning and back it up then maybe it would make more sense to everyone. :)