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This is

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Nay 8 vote(s) 44.4%
  1. So you all know the #1 TEXP thing is cool to have. But it's not that worth it to go that far. All you do is sit at a grinder all day...

    Maybe when you get to #1 TEXP you get like an Emc special sword renamed TEXP or something. Something cool to fit in with it.

    This would also encourage newer players to go to the frontier/wastelands more.

    Tell me what you think below. Thanks!

    Also you can only claim this once.
  2. Nice suggestion, it will certainly mix things up a little and give people more motivation to get the #1 position!
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  3. Well we did have the announcement thread for Rtardo reaching 1mill texp.
  4. Maybe we should reset the scores to give everyone a chance?
  5. As you said, people will afk at a grinder all day. I think the leaderboards are enough, along with the normal enchants. I like the idea, but it's not fair, per say.
  6. Maybe for monthly? This could be community run, and if I ever get enough rupees I'd run something like this.
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  7. What if grinding doesn't get you TEXP. Cuz that's just being lazy...
  8. Is that possible to record? I don't think so... because killing mobs in caves wouldn't be worth anything...
  9. My motivation is the stuff i get enchanted.....
  10. They could reset the scores and every 6 months they pick a winner. You can only win once or twice. IcC would give you a special item. Different each time. It would be pretty fun to do. Maybe they could make a way that grinding from a spawner gives xp but that doesn't give TEXP.
  11. It should be who got no.1 on TEXP monthly, never touch the lifetime.
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  12. Yeah. This should be for monthly?
  13. I do not like this idea ( but you hate every idea! ) because I do not think you should be getting rewarded on something that is very normal to do. This has already been suggested
  14. that sounds cool
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  15. Cool idea, but getting #1 TEXP involves a lot of work, speaking of I am around 27-29 pages of the lifetime TEXP. Hey, I might get there one day. But maybe the prize should be rupees, like 100k. That would be cool too. :)
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  16. Endertopia- huge advantage over non-supporters. Just rewards the people who already just grind.

    New people would have no shot as they'd have to set up new grinders and afk, but even with a lot of work they would likely never have time or patience to catch up to people like MatthewDA who have the regular routine going. I think earning rewards for reaching milestones such as 100k life, 50k monthly etc is a better way to do this, as it allows everyone to reach rewards. However this does have the drawback of not really increasing competition levels beyond what they already are, which seems to be a sticking point for a lot of people. Hmmm
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  17. Yeah maybe once you reach a certain milestone like 100k lifetime you get 15k?
  18. image.jpg
    Honestly, this would require an extreme amount of coding.
    Diamond and gold can just use endertopia, and the only non-supporter ive ever seen in top three is zabriel.
  19. maybe a way to go book :D
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