TEXP Rewards

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  1. I think that if you have a high TEXP ranking on the forums maybe for monthly Top 10 or for Life Top 30 or Top 50. The rewards could be something simple as a little bit of rupees or maybe a special TEXP limited item, anythign that would help out for people who work hard on TEXP.
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  2. Awards have already been given to high achievers of TEXP over time. For instance if I recall correctly the first person to hit 1'000'000 TEXP life got like 1000r or something ;)
    Maybe when dragon tombs are released and perks are given to players for fighting the dragon things regarding TEXP could also be implemented... One can only hope :rolleyes:
  3. The million TEXP thing was a long time ago :p
  4. Tru dat :p
  5. Also it gives something to work for if you arent that high :D
  6. Indeed it does :D
  7. This would be a good idea, like you get a good sword if you get over 1 million. An EMC-Rare item?
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  8. Yes something with the special text like other special items, I think it would be a nice bonus
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  9. Yeah a special emc sword would be nice:)
  10. Ha.... I would get one if i wanted 2... but... they would never do that
  11. The current way XP and TEXP is setup, a reward system wouldn't really fit well, as most of the top earners did so by AFKing. However, without giving away to much, we have a plan in place to fix XP and TEXP on EMC to how we feel it should be properly (don't worry it's a good fix) and a TEXP reward system will likely be more doable then. :)
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  12. Good to know :)
  13. What is TEXP?
  14. Getting Lot's of XP!!!!! :D
  15. Like noah and me :p
  16. I haven't really done much xp grinding this month... :p