[Suggestion] Player Death Timer, added to /ps

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Would you like this to be added?

Yes 14 vote(s) 82.4%
No 3 vote(s) 17.6%
  1. Hey EMC,

    I have been getting a bit mad by this and so has staff and players, so what if there was a way to add it to the /ps where you can enable it or disable it?

    Just as Simple as that.

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  2. I don't understand what you mean by death timer?
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  3. Well, When you die, there is a 15 sec timer that you have god mode, and you can't die again.
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  4. OMG i have this exact problem! i want this +1
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  5. Where did you get that idea from? There isn't. Not in the wasteland anyway; when I fight Momentus on diff. 8 then it doesn't take long for him and his minions to kill me. Sometimes instantly.
  6. Why disable this?
  7. Aikar told me,
  8. There is a small window after death where you cannot be hurt. Not sure exactly how long it is.
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  9. Head Grinding for one,
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  10. Well, I never noticed it to be there, but I'm sure that it's not 15 seconds. Like I said: sometimes my spawn point is directly next to Momentus (voters gear) so when I spawn I'm right back into the fight. And sometimes I die instantly.

    Which makes me wonder: is it possible that this 15 second issue is a specific PvP feature?

    Because then I don't think it has any place in /ps, but should be handled on the PvP arena's themselves.
  11. Really not a fan of the safe-rule in general.

    Respawn in your bed and zombies are around? Disconnect/Reconnect
    To me, this causes more issues than solved.
  12. I don't see what issues could arise from this besides waiting a few seconds to pop your head off. (Not for or against this suggestion, just don't see the issues.)
  13. I am not 100% sure if it is 15 secs, but it is there, and you can really notice it, when head grinding.

    you can not see as they have the 30 sec timer to re-enter, and that covers it.

    But when you are in the wild, you can see. Go test yourself. Jump off a tower, and re-spawn up there Via Bed, and jump off right away, you will live.
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  14. It exists. It's a 10-second timer, active in all worlds, and has nothing to do with PvP. I'm head farming on SMP2 right now, and I just tested it with a stopwatch on my phone. :)
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  15. Issue confirmed. I did just that: large tower, jump off, respawn & jump right off again. I didn't time it but this is definitely a thing. I just can't help wonder why I never noticed this before, perhaps it's different when fighting mobs.

    Anyway, seems like a very reasonable suggestion to allow us to turn this on or off.

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  16. Being able to go from bed death bed death in an instant u have to wait a little bit till you can die again
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  17. Yes, farming heads. But what other issue would this effect?
  18. Just head farming. But trust me, you may not head grind, but others do it when it's a 15% drop chance, you have to jump about 30 times for 1 to 2 heads so it does really get in the way when you need 20 at the least.
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