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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by ShelLuser, Sep 27, 2015.

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  1. Hi gang,

    Our own Crystaldragon has started a thread to help honest players with returning any items which they found in the wastelands to their original owner(s). You can find this thread here:

    I think this thread can have a massive positive impact on our gameplay because I'm certain that most people who spend some serious time in the wastelands will have come across other people's stuff every once in a while. Just like I'm also sure that plenty of new(er) players (and veterans alike of course) will have died one or more times there, optionally losing their stuff themselves.

    As such my suggestion: I think that thread could be important enough to pin it (put it at the top of the other threads) so that everyone can easily find it.

    Obviously just my 2 cents, but I figured I'd try a suggestion :)

    What do you guys think?
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  2. I would love this just it could be problematic because there are bigger threads that needed pin ups. But I would love this.
  3. I would love this. +1!!
  4. +1

    There should be a separate forum for it so that everyone can find everything more quickly
  5. I said this on a different thread....
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  6. My reaction exactly ;) Shel probably started it after seeing that thread, it's a decent suggestion...

    +1, I think that this could potentially help people out :)
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  7. I know, I know ;) When I saw that and I saw the original thread again (I had forgotten all about it to be honest) I started to look it up in the forum itself and noticed how buried it was. So yah....

    Uh oh, I've been found out.

    Well, you see, I had this urge to make a new suggestion and I figured... :D

    Thing is: I don't think it matters how we suggest this, as long as we are suggesting this. Hopefully with positive results.
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  8. Well, nobody else put it into a suggestion thread so it's all good Shel! :D
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  9. -1

    Though it is helpful, I just think of it as a player-run service and shouldn't be pinned.
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  10. Why should player-run services not be pinned?
  11. Because they are player run services. If that gets pinned, you might as well pin any other player-run services that try to help the general populus.
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  12. It's a Staff ran service from Crystal
  13. Are you saying that staff threads are more important than others?
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  14. No
  15. No, it's a player-run service. It just happens to be run by a player with a moderator rank.
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  16. Yes. Why not? "Any other" is too much, though. You should only do those that are considered important enough. And judging from the replies to this thread (I know that's not enough to judge on) it's considered quite important.
  17. If they start pinning "important" threads, then it'll end up like what the suggestion box once was. 10 pinned threads and you gotta scroll past those to actually see what you want to see.
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