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  1. I've been wanting to start this since before I became part of the staff. I find stuff out in the wild or even in town and have no way of really letting people know that their items were indeed found and can be returned to them.

    *By found items I mean items left floating. If you find a chest with items in it that means they are Not lost and should not be touched as that would be stealing.

    So this is how I'm envisioning it working:
    1. The person who found the items (Finder)would post here with the info about where they found the items. (smp/wild/waste/etc)
    *Please do not post what the items are. Let the Seeker tell you what items are lost. Also, as WayneKramer stated. A screenshot of the items with the location(x,y,z) for your records to match up with their death log would be perfect.

    2. The person thinking it's theirs (Seeker)would start a conversation with the Finder about the found items and tell them what it was they lost to see if it matches up.

    3. The Finder will let me(via conversation so I can keep track of it) know when they have reunited the Seeker with their items and I will do a strike thru of that post.

    If you see something that may be yours please pm or start a conversation with the Finder outside this thread so this can be use solely for found lost items.

    You may not use this thread for profit from found items like making a person pay for their lost things. This post is for the community to be able to be the good samaritans they like to be.

    *I will delete any posts not related to found items or the free return of said items
  2. Server : Utopia
    Where it is : Nether Waste (Not sure about direction)
  3. Nice idea :D Back on topic, will edit it in here when i find stuff {I have found lots of things in the last month}
  4. I would not say "Hey I found 2 Marlix Bows and a Diamond Supporter Voucher, did anyone lose them?" I would have the finder say "I found some items near X:Y:Z, did anyone lose something?" I am not saying that no one here has integrity, but there are a few select people who may be dishonest.

    Edit: ninja'd
  5. Very interesting
  6. Interesting concept but are you imagining this for items that are dropped on the ground or items in chests, etc?

    because if a player has items dropped on the ground it's likely because they died and thus you can have them screenshot their /deathlog to confirm it was theirs if the finder also records the coordinates they were found at.
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  7. I would love to hear your suggestions on how to improve the thread but please don't put them here instead please pm me. Thank you for your input. =]

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  8. just bumping this :)
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  9. who does the muffin slayer belong to? If you know please send me an in game mail on smp6, identifying the object specifically.

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  10. Could you get this thread pinned? It would save time trying to find it if not used in a while.
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  12. Just bumping this thread! :D
  13. So sad no ones takes pride in this thread anymore, well I do, BUMP :)
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  14. Bumping this because I don't want the thread to go down :rolleyes:
  15. Found some items worth saving on SMP5. The stuff is in a chest at the spot of death. If you think it's yours let me know and I'll tell you the coords (or /deathlog to get them). :)
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  16. I Hear A BUMP To Safe This Very Pleasent Idea, Let Me Rephrase It Great Idea.
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  17. I would love for it to be pinned but alas as it has been said.. I am a player first. =]

    I do think it would be good to edit any posts that the items have been returned and I'd love to hear from those that watch this if you feel that the person finding the items should be the owners of the said items after a certain time. I am thinking a month would be a good time but please tell me what you think.
  18. This is me throwing a little weight around (sometimes, very seldom, I feel like it). Of course that's no guarantee that something is about to happen.

    But yes: I so wholeheartedly agree. Sure Crystal: you're but a regular player. I agree. But sorry Crystal, that also doesn't work for me because one way or the other you are part of the staff (I know I am playing the devils advocate right now, I really do).

    Truth be told I don't care either way. This thread is most useful to EMC, most of all the new(er) players which I assume we want to keep around best of all. For the record, I made a suggestion. And I shall bump it right now too:

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  19. I found multiple items last night on utopia at /nwaste northeast. Unfortunately, I didn't think to get the coordinates but hopefully someone can still claim them.
  20. Awesome opossum! I'm not sure anyone ever checks this out but it has reunited others with their stuff.
    Woo Hoo! for being the honest person you are cause das so :cool:

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