[SUGGESTION] Paying tokens for enchantment upgrades

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  1. Edit: See my post after this one, it is more in-depth and puts all the restrictions and ideas I had posted on this thread inside of one post.

    I think the issue people are having is with the original idea posted, with unlimited enchants. Instead, think about it from the perspective of only increasing enchant levels by 1 or 2. I believe it would not be too overpowered, since at most a person would only have one or two tools that had this high enchant level. Like you could not have a pick with Eff VII to mine with, then a pick with Fortune V at your res, and a sword with Looting V, etc. At most a person would have just one of those tools at a time, or maybe two if they have enough tokens. But they could not sustain that over a long period of time, always having more than one tool (unless they purchase them from other people, at which point its market based and outside of this system).
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  2. So for those who are interested, here is my idea of how this feature would work.

    Using a GUI in-game, players can purchase a selection of enchantment books that are I or II levels above regular vanilla. Now, the books cost tokens, and they won't be cheap. In addition, every book also comes with the Final enchant, meaning the tools can never be repaired or upgraded (enchant book also can not be combined).

    While these books will be expensive, we do not want to put them out of the reach of more inexperienced or younger players. So, that is why a time counter will be started when a enchant book is purchased. The initial cost of the first book will be expensive, but within reach of all players. During this set amount of time (6 months?) the price of all enchant books will increase (1.5x? 2x?). In addition, if another enchant book is purchased within the set time frame, then the prices will increase again. This will prevent people who run farms (such as a wither farm) to get tons of enchant books within a short time frame.

    At most, we would like to make it so that players who earn tons of tokens within a 6 month period can not get more than 2 books. There are of course people who get tons of tokens, and this system would hopefully restrict them to 3 books in a 6 month period.

    In addition, whenever this feature would be released, it would be after other services would be available that use tokens. So even if there are a few people who get tons of tokens in a 6 month period, more than likely there are other services they would want to use their tokens on, such as land claiming and dragon tombs.
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  3. What about those players with 500,000-1,000,000 tokens? :p they'd basically own the market. Just my opinion. The point of them stopping at the enchantments they have is so you can still enjoy the game. If you want to breach the limit you may as well go and play a prison server with all level 70+ enchantments :p just my opinion. -1
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  4. The only reason they have that many is because they have nothing to use them on, they are instead just racking them up over a very long period of time. So no, that is not a good example because if this feature was released, it would be after land claiming and maybe other services that use tokens. So many of those people would have already used a large portion of those tokens, and if they did not, then yes they could probably initially get quite a few of these enchant books.

    But think about this, whenever EMC releases a new promo, or re-releases a prior promo, isn't the market at first inundated with tons of that promo? Don't people usually go to the Empire Shop and buy 10 additional items of that promo? Well, since there are people who have millions of rupees, we shouldn't sell additional promos at /shop because that gives them an unfair advantage over people who don't save rupees and spend them sooner. See, that logic does not work on promos, why should it work with tokens and these enchant books?
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  5. I like this idea, since finally tokens can be used, but i have an idea. Maybe you could add [Final] to every thing that you enchant so if it nearly breaks you cant fix it.
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  6. Indeed, this idea has been discussed previously in the thread, but thank you for your support. :) The more comments we get on this, and the more we refine the idea, we can make it better when staff consider it. Continued support and criticism is necessary to keep this idea alive and to make it better. Perhaps after more discussion, we will realize that it is not a good idea, and a lot of the arguments made against it so far have been pretty strong. However I believe that we have answered a lot of them.
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  7. I've not been a fan of items that have a Final attribute mainly because I think it is questionable whether the gain from the higher attributes outweighs the limited number of uses. I've seen some discussion about the value of using high Fortune picks, but the influence of the promo market leaves me unconvinced. I had thought of suggesting a higher cost for repair instead of a Final attribute, but Repairing and purchasing a new item are the same thing in a way.

    One thing I like about this idea is that it would provide us with the ability to obtain items similar in function to promos but without the rarity or implied value that comes with them. I think most promos end up in Chests or Frames and are never used. I am sure it would be popular to rename our items and resell them, but I think they would be used because they would not be tied to the promo market.

    Another thing I like is that in addition to adding a use for them it would help establish a Token value. I have a bunch of Tokens and really don't know what I have. Save them for Empires? Save them for DT? Buy an Avalauncher? In regard to the first two, I do not know how many I'll need, or how many more I'll get in the future.

    Having functional items with values we can tie to approximate output (Fortune&Looting), number of uses (Unbreaking), or the values of other enchantments will allow us to establish the value of future items or features we might purchase with Tokens.
  8. You made a lot of good points that I have never even thought of before in regards to this suggestion. I agree that it would show us the value of our tokens, how much they are worth, and that it provides a method to get more powerful tools that are like promos but without being tied to them in a way that prevents us from using them. Thank you for your insight, it helps a lot and will continue to increase the momentum of this suggestion.
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  9. +1 as long as each raise of a level costs 1,000,000 tokens. :)
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  10. That would be fine, as it can be replaced but very expensively. Glad to see that this has become such a conversation. :)

    Even if Fortune IV only was allowed, I'd be perfectly happy. Still would be great for more expensive ores.

    I was thinking like you would have to already have your tool at a level below, then pay tokens to add it via a command or special enchanted book.

    Excellent point!
  11. How will you get this enchant( Unbreaking, Final, Souldbound) and also Protect X veery op. this will in my opinion corrupt the economy
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  12. this would devalue the price of promos since you could get the same enchantments
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  13. I mean as in will staff make this real or are we talking about a futuristic dream to come tru?
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  14. The system for getting it would be like other current systems that exist, it would not be too difficult. Protection X would not be made available, at most it would be Protection V or VI.
    How would it corrupt the economy? Multiple arguments have been made on this thread that this would help boost the Empire economy, not corrupt it.

    Whether staff makes this real or not is up to us, the players. If a majority of players like and support this idea, more than likely the staff member will strongly consider it.

    As has been previously stated also, this would not devalue promos at all. Most promos have multiple non-vanilla enchants, not just one. Also, the value of a promo isn't in its enchants, but in its name and rarity. There are many promos that are completely useless to players, yet are more valuable than promos that are actually useful. In addition, majority of the promos that are purchased and sold are never used. Some are used, by players that don't care or don't know the promo market, but for the most part they just sit and collect dust in item frames and in chests.

    So far the only argument that has made sense against this suggestion is that it is "too OP," but this is in reference to the original post of unlimited enchants being allowed, not to the modifications that have been made within the thread that it would be limited to one or two levels.
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  15. Oh nasty, EMC will look like a OP Prison server.
    Next thing is to sell /fly for 50$ at shop and unban tokens....
    Sorry if I looked rude but -1, I joined EMC for the fact it's not full of GOD 50+ lvl crap. This would corrupt the server...
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  16. What about with the idea of instead of 50+ lvl, it would only be 1 or 2 levels higher? The reason I support this idea is not to create an OP server, but to allow players the ability to use replaceable tools and armor without the fear of "losing their value," as it currently is with promos. I do not want people to get an OP toolset, either, but rather I like the idea of using the tokens that we earn from killing the minibosses and bosses on EMC to get tools that are slightly more powerful than we can normally achieve in minecraft. From this perspective, does your opinion change?

    I can tell from what you stated that you have not read a majority of this thread, so I suggest looking back at a few other posts that were made, and see some of the discussion that has already happened. Then come back with your opinion and I would love to hear your thoughts.
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  17. orebuster and mineral mincer are valued because of their fortune enchant, not for unbreaking or efficiency. thats one enchant which would be possible with this system. protection 6 armor, efficiency 6 or unbreaking 5 tools, sharp 6 or knockback 3 swords, punch 3 or power 6 bows, all of these are promo enchants that are valuable because they are inaccessable otherwise. and those promos are used, in pvp, in mobarena, and many other staff made events.

    so you are wrong, it would devalue many useful promos.
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  18. That's another subject. I was doing a '-1' on the OP's idea clearly stating he wanted maximum of 100 levels on efficiency and others. 15+ on fortune and looting is still OP server style. Your idea is good and logical, if you create another thread I'll come by with a +1.
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  19. Ore buster is currently valued at over 400k, far beyond any logical value of whatever ores would drop because of the higher fortune enchant. Mineral Mincer may lose some value, but don't forget that it also has a higher level of unbreaking. The system that I suggested would only allow one non-vanilla enchant per item, whereas many promos have many non-vanilla enchants, and many include soul bound, which would not be possible with this system.

    I believe that I will create a new thread, not so much to steal the idea from the op, but so that the ideas that I proposed would be evaluated, since many have decided that the op's idea was too, well, OP.
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