[SUGGESTION] Paying Tokens for Enchantment Upgrades V2.0

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  1. So this idea was based on the idea of IamTheNub. While it was decided by all that his idea was too OP, I had refined it in a way that many liked. This thread is a better place to discuss what was created in the previous thread, since it does not have the ideas of the original post.

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    Using a GUI in-game, players can purchase a selection of enchantment books that are I or II levels above regular vanilla. Now, the books cost tokens, and they won't be cheap. In addition, every book also comes with the Final enchant, meaning the tools can never be repaired or upgraded (enchant book also can not be combined).

    While these books will be expensive, we do not want to put them out of the reach of more inexperienced or younger players. So, that is why a time counter will be started when a enchant book is purchased. The initial cost of the first book will be expensive, but within reach of all players. During this set amount of time (6 months?) the price of all enchant books will increase (1.5x? 2x?). In addition, if another enchant book is purchased within the set time frame, then the prices will increase again. This will prevent people who run farms (such as a wither farm) to get tons of enchant books within a short time frame.

    At most, we would like to make it so that players who earn tons of tokens within a 6 month period can not get more than 2 books. There are of course people who get tons of tokens, and this system would hopefully restrict them to 3 books in a 6 month period.

    In addition, whenever this feature would be released, it would be after other services would be available that use tokens. So even if there are a few people who get tons of tokens in a 6 month period, more than likely there are other services they would want to use their tokens on, such as land claiming and dragon tombs.
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  2. Here is a quote by Pab10S from the previous thread that I thought would be worthwhile including:

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