[SUGGESTION] Paying tokens for enchantment upgrades

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  1. The costs would be as follows:

    Unbreaking, Protection, Fire Protection, Projectile Protection, Blast Protection, and Feather Falling : first level past Vanilla could cost 20000 tokens, +5000 tokens each additional level

    Efficiency and Frost Walker : first level past Vanilla could cost 20000 tokens, +10000 tokens each additional level

    Fortune : first level past Vanilla could cost 20000 tokens, 30000 tokens for the next level, 50000 for the next, then 90000, 140000, 200000, and finally 270000 for the highest possible level

    Thorns, Power, and Respiration : first level past Vanilla could cost 50000 tokens, +10000 tokens each additional level

    Enchantments with only one level being effective (such as Silk touch) would be impossible to upgrade.

    All other enchants (such as Flame) would start at 20000 tokens, and the price would double per level.

    The Limits to levels would be as follows:

    Fortune/Looting would be limited to level 10.

    Efficiency, Unbreaking, Protection, Fire Protection, Projectile Protection, Blast Protection, Sharpness, Power, and Feather Falling would be limited to level 100.

    Anything else upgradable would be limited to level 15.
  2. I feel like the token prices should be INSANELY expensive for this to be added in, if it is. I feel like this would be amazing, and would require a few more restrictions, however this may be one of my favorite suggestions made.

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  3. That'd be too OP and too not-vanilla (if that makes sense). -1
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  4. Currently the promo market is full of "not-vanilla" items. These player made items would be the same.

    I have discussed this in-game actually with people in the past, and basically the only way to make this fair would be if every enchant automatically came with the Final enchant. Meaning, once the item has this enchant applied to it, it can never be changed, and it can never be repaired. It would become like a promo.

    In addition, no item could have more than one non-vanilla enchant, like you could not have Unbreaking V and Fortune V, it would either be one or the other.

    However, the most expensive enchant and the one that we believe could have a possibility of being added is the Soulbound enchant. Again, that is the only enchant the item could have beyond vanilla and it would instantly become Final. This enchant would cost an insane amount of tokens though, and may have other requirements too.

    +1 from me and hopefully we can get some more people to chime in on this
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  5. I feel like Fortune just shouldn't be allowed past IV, if even allowed at all. Final, yes it should be added, however soulbound should, and won't, be added.
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  6. I really don't like this idea, but just for the sake of argument, what would be the point of a soulbound armor/tool that is not unbreakable? Wouldn't it be just a tremendous waste of money/tokens??
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  7. Seems cool but I don't know if it's worth doing. I say this because the prices seem super high but making them any lower might make it too easy. I've been here for about 15 months now and have just over 350k tokens. I've used farms to get some of them (not a ton but some) Now these farms are not really possible. The amount of time it would take to get enough tokens to get max level would be insane.

    The other issue would be it's effect on promos that have higher stats. They wouldn't be as rare and as desired as they are now. For example the Ore Buster.

    Believe me I'd love nothing more then to have just 1 Eff 5, Silk 1 unbreakable pick, but that would be too much. This is kind of the same. Just my opinion. Great suggestion though. :)
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  8. Way too OP
  9. Agreed, the normal enchants should not be allowed past one or two levels higher than vanilla.

    Because there is a fear to use promo items because they are not easily replaced. I believe implementing this system would allow players to use these items and know that they have the ability to replace them later, albeit at a high cost.
    Unbreakable would be out of the question, way too OP. However, I believe that this belief on EMC that we can't do something because it might "affect the promo market" is wrong. In real life, industries will fall because of new innovations and new industries. We can't shoot down new ideas because "it may affect the promo market."

    In addition, I do not believe it would negatively affect the promo market that much anyway. Honestly, how often do people buy promos with the intention to use them? Most of the time it is just to collect them. For example, who in their right mind would use an Ore Buster? My last point on this would be that majority of promos have more than one special ability. Using the Ore Buster as an example again, does it not have Soulbound, Unbreaking V, and Fortune V? Any custom made item could not have all those enchants, only one of them.

    With this in mind, now consider the possibility of this system and wonder, how useful would it actually be? And wouldn't it be nice to finally put those tokens we have been earning to good use?
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  10. Ya would be great to have these better stats. I just wouldn't have the desire to spend a year acquiring enough tokens to add an enchantment to a tool/weapon.
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  11. I was asking specifically about your suggestion of soulbound enchantment on regular items. There's no point in it, considering the items are gonna break soon or later anyway. It's just a waste of money.
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  12. Thats exactly the point, that it wouldn't be easy to add, however it would still be easy enough that people could do it at least a couple times per year (if the person does the basic things like voting and does kill some mini-bosses).
    In which case, perhaps the first enchant for the year would not be too expensive? It would still cost a lot, but not much. Then, for a set time afterwards the enchants would go up in price. Then after a set time after the most recent enchant, the price would go back down. This would allow less inexperienced and active players to get the enchants at lower costs, but prevent experienced and more able players from gaining a ton of these enchants.

    Indeed, I guess in that instance the soul bound enchant would be fairly useless. However other enchants I believe would still be useful and wanted by people. Like I would love to have a Fortune IV or V pick to use for ores. Or a looting IV or V sword. The uses are there for those that want them.

    In addition, these would introduce a new type of market, of buying and selling these enchant books and the tools that are enchanted with them.
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  13. Sorry, gonna have to -1 on this one. Too op and too.... non-vanilla. I know there are already the whole non-vanilla promos out there, but I feel like this would be too much, especially op for those who have wither farms, given withers give many tokens.
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  14. I too like my Empire Minecraft items Vanilla.

    Get it? It's a joke, because Empire Minecraft is not vanilla! Stop saying because it's not *** true and shouldn't be a reason why you think a suggestion's bad. I could go and shoot down 99.8% of suggestions because they're not vanilla, doesn't mean 99.8% of suggestions are terrible. The best suggestions aren't vanilla.

    But I also don't like the idea of Protection 1oo stuff. That's just... no.
    I hate to use the Two Letter Word of Suggestion Death, but this idea is wayyyy too OP.
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  15. Full text

    Yes, tokens were supposed to be redeemable for so much more (high end armor/weapons...check). It just seems like Aikar's plate is always full and some of these "nice to haves" get pushed on. Maybe one day we'll be able to redeem tokens for some special promo type armor in /shop. I mean, that can't be to hard to set up :rolleyes:

    One day.
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  16. Well, if you think about it, no suggestion is really vanilla*. If one was then it would probably already be on the game and people wouldn't be suggesting them :confused:
    *Of course, excluding suggestions like "remove all promos" or "remove flight from utopia", which are against empire features.
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  17. I agree with what you said, was just making an observation. And I didn't dislike the suggestion just because it was not vanilla, but because is was way too not-vanilla and OP (on the borderline between the realms of plugins and the dark lands of modded minecraft).
    Also again, off the main topic, what would you consider a vanilla suggestion?
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  18. Hm... it seems way over-powered, but at the same time, they will break. Of course, only one enchantment would be able to get upgraded per item. Hm... I still think it's too over-powered, but it's a nice idea.
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  19. I like the idea but would probably think actually buying items with certain enchants on them with tokens would make more sense instead of being able to custom make seriously OP items.