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  1. /res set otherbuffs true/false/remove

    What does the command do?
    The command mentioned above would enable the player to toggle buffs coming in from other residences, whilst allowing them to gain buffs from the beacons at the residence they are standing in. It should also affect the residence's owner.

    Why would someone need or want to be able to toggle buffs coming in from other residences?
    Let's say I have a parkour course on my residence. The player living beside me places beacons with speed II and jump boost II buffs active. Somebody attempting to beat the parkour can easily beat it due to the buffs. However, the command /res set buffs false would not solve it, as I would want the player(s) on my residence to get the speed I buff on my residence.

    Suggest another name for "otherbuffs" if the name does not currently fit it.
  2. Any feature similar to this; would wait until after we upgrade to minecraft 1.8. Although I would imagine it being implemented in a different way.
    Coincidentally this did spark an implementation idea though!
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  3. Well, my 'idea' - which could always be improved. Am not even close to writing code for it. Although should definitely be possible. Is this: http://track.emc.gs/issue/EMC-680
    Which is very possible (even without modifying the server - which beacon buff flags would require). But very tricky, but I had an idea related to this tonight.
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  4. I can only imagine the frustration these beacons have caused. I hate the jump buff. it makes me feel like im walking on the moon, or as I would imagine how it might feel to walk on the moon. The speed one is nice when I forgot to stable my horse and im trying to just get past their res, otherwise its more annoying than walking on ice imho. Generally when I'm in town I'm trying to see someones build, read a sign or hit a button/sign. The wild/waste is where these things are actually useful and not just an expensive way to troll.
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  5. This is a long overdue bump. :p This thread was only active for less than 24 hours.

  6. When did I vote +1 for this,but still +1
  7. Well at the time, chickeneer said it would have to wait until after 1.8. well now it is after 1.8 so, well deserved bump I think :D
  8. Our end goal is to block beacon effects on other residences than your own. Just requires changes to the core server to support.
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  9. One corner in the blue pvp arena has regen because of a beacon in another res so if you stand there you cant die....
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