[Suggestion] Official 'Statement' on suggestions

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Would you prefer a 'answer' for suggestions

Yes 13 vote(s) 86.7%
It's relevant for some suggestions... 1 vote(s) 6.7%
I don't know/I don't care 0 vote(s) 0.0%
No 1 vote(s) 6.7%
  1. The suggestion is fairly simple, I think that there should be an official statement on most (if not all suggestion threads) just showing that the suggestion has been took into account and there will either be no action or action taken. The reason I am putting this forward is that I see many suggestions that staff have commented on but there is no indication that it either will or will not be implemented. This may not be a problem with all people, as some just want their suggestions to be heard but I prefer to hear an answer and I don't mean a definite answer I just mean a review if the suggestion can realistically be implemented and fits EMC's 'theme'.

    Now you may just say 'well we don't give a statement most of the time because these suggestions may be implemented at anytime' but I think some people may prefer just a quick message to say whether their suggestion could be implemented, whether it be now or in the future.

    Community feedback is vital for suggestions, so I suggest that there be a time before the statement is released and of course the official statement should not be the end of discussion.

    • Its clear for the person who made the suggestion whether their suggestion will or will not be implemented.
    • Gives community a clearer view of what is 'looked for' in suggestions
    • If suggestion is 'denied' (trying to think of a nicer word than that..) then the suggester may be put off from putting forward future suggestions.

    EDIT: A simple way of choosing whether you would like an answer to your suggestion would just to put at the end of the OP 'I'd like to hear an official stance on this' or 'I would not like to hear an official stance on this'

    I don't really know if I came across clearly there, but I am just going to post this now anyway.
  2. I would love for this to happen. Most people who post suggestions and do not get a response feel as if they are being ignored.
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  3. Now as much as I'd like a response to a suggestion thread from an official, that also brings up the conflict with answer to staff applications. It's a Yes to your suggestion if it gets implemented and a no if it doesn't.
  4. In my mind suggestions and staff applications are completely different things. Staff applications are private and suggestions are out in the public to be viewed and criticized. I think the majority of people would like to hear an official stance on a suggestion but a staff application...perhaps not so much.
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  5. They are completely different although you can still compare them. Im sure a lot of people would like to hear on their staff application, not neccesarily in public.
  6. i think for the most part staff tend to respond to suggestions that get alot of attention. most the recent updates are from suggestions. the ones that noone replys to the staff usually dont see. just bump your suggestion sometimes and get it noticed. i think i can safely say that for the most part alot of suggestions are added to the tracker or implemented when they get to it/
  7. I agree that the majority of suggestions are noticed by staff, but there is no transparency (or not enough). Suggestions may be added to track but I've hardly ever seen people being notified that is being implemented.
  8. i wish there was like a way to see on the forums the lastest additions to the tracker
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  9. Aikar has been looking for ways to retain players, so I brought up a possible solution and I don't know if he has seen it or what he thinks about it. +1
  10. Yeah that would be cool. I suppose there could be a thread set up in the meantime, where people who want to see the latest additions to the tracker could watch the thread?
    EDIT: Perhaps a wiki page even?
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  11. The issue is, there's really only one person who can give an absolute official stance on whether a suggestion will be considered, and that's Aikar. And we all know how busy he is. Staff can give opinions and anyone can take a guess at whether it will be added or not, but it's basically still up to one person.
  12. Up to one person? How do you mean? It's a staff team, right?
    It's true though that Ninjaboy may see big things in this one suggestion - and state that officially - and later it gets turned down by somebody else, so you may be right.
  13. Pretty much what Samsimx already has said, some people get discouraged when hearing no. When it comes down to it even acknowledging the suggestion with a 'sounds interesting' could give false hope, so I believe they just go unanswered. But I do know that staff including Aikar do read those, as I have seen many times on their profiles and current activity to be doing so.
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  14. The suggestion box has never been posted on by mods anymore... they ignore almost all great suggestions.
  15. True but I am sure our more experienced and 'hands on' staff (especially devs and admins) know a good amount that they can make a suitable judgement.

    Also, it would be great if we could actually get some staff input here :p
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  16. I try to get to responding to these, as I usually do them in batches.

    It's just the whole time issue, finding the time to do it.

    And as said above, a thread getting a lot of action def does raise awareness - and all staff usually brings good suggestions to my attention if I havent seen it myself.

    I guess one thing we can work on as staff is getting all of the staff to monitor this forum, then the good ones they can bring to me directly and then one of us can respond.
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  17. Also, responding no can sometimes not be a good thing too... I've seen the comment "I've had X of my ideas shot down today" too many times... People some times take it personally and think I/Staff have something against them (when I don't!)

    It's politics :/ So sometimes its best to not respond.
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  18. There is your Official Statement :D
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  19. I disagree. As long as you have valid reasoning, I am not seeing why people would be mad at you.

    It's not like you're saying "This is a terrible idea, I do not like it and it is bad and stuff. No. "