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Should this be implemented?

Yes 14 vote(s) 82.4%
No (explain in comments) 3 vote(s) 17.6%
  1. Due to recent questions on how to help new players know what to do once starting on the server (here), I think that the Empire should have a quest book or item that tells the player what the next step is. The player would be rewarded for their completion of the quest in items or rupees, and they would be assigned their next quest. It would help new members in knowing what to do next and give them a reason to want to do it. The quests would be simple and would involve basic steps such as claiming a res, posting your first message, going to the wastelands/wild, and other minecraft milestones like mining x number of stone or other blocks. During the quests, it would educate them on EMC rules and features. Each book would be personalized to the player and would update whenever they completed a quest. If they were to lose their quest book, they could receive another one by using a command such as /quest new or by getting one from the empire navigator. They could also view their current quest by doing /quest. All in all, it would boost player retention.
  2. I don't really like the idea of adding "Quests" to Empire Minecraft.
  3. +1
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  4. How can you not like it to have more goals & rewards available?
    Seems like a good idea porphos, good thinking. +1
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  5. I just don't like the idea of quests in general. A more favorable word for me would be objectives.
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  6. How about achievements?
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  7. I just used the word quest because that was what was in my head at the time. Its all up to Aikar what it will be called if it is implemented.
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  8. A good idea, is still a good idea regardless of what it is called!
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  9. I say if they want to be here they will find a reason. If they need objectives or quests or whatever to stay it's not worth having them as a member. All the information is right here on the website, if they really want to be a part of the server they should have no problem finding their way.
  10. The main reason this would work is that many players quit because they don't know what to do, and they are to lazy to go to the website. This would give them an easier and more interactive step by step guide to understanding how the Empire works. While working on the quests, the new players would learn whether or not they truly wanted to be on the Empire.
  11. MY point is that if they wanted to find a server, they wouldn't be lazy enough to not look at the site. I'm thinking more selfish questions like what kind of people do we want here? I think a guide makes it far too easy for people who don't have any patience or will to do anything to become part of our server, and frankly I don't want that. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if the developers decide to add it that's their prerogative.
  12. I understand your point, but when some people join, they quit because they just don't know what to do. Most won't have the patience to check the website. When I joined EMC, neither did I. EMC taught me patience and how to be a good minecraft player who played by the rules. I came to the website when I just needed to talk to the community more. People will still quit even if there is a quest book, but those who wanted to find something good in EMC but just didn't know what to do will learn step by step as I had to. The ones more patient or willing to change will take the quests and try to do them to the best of their ability and will learn patience. They will eventually come to the forums and will bring more people to the EMC.
  13. I like the idea actually, whatever it is called, quests/objectives/achievements but it should be completely optional. Not everyone would want to do these quests and it might annoy them seeing them pop up as they may just want to do their own thing, but I agree it would help retention rates. :)
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  14. I would love quests! As an optional thing of course, and not just for the tutorial, but for all elements of EMC life. Rupee count, XP, mob kills, diamonds mined, distance travelled, forum posts and likes (more than what we currently have), referrals, number of players who have visited your res, stuff like that.
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  15. Yes yes yes to all of that. It's simple things like this that EMC is missing. I don't think this would be too hard to implement either, it's just stats. :)
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  16. I would love for EMC to be WoW-ified. It would give it that extra kick.
  17. Yeah it would be best if it were optional.