[SUGGESTION] Official EMC Site Time Zone (ESTZ)

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  1. I've seen this hinted at before so I would like to create a (possibly another) suggestion thread about it.

    What is it: Empire Standard Time Zone. A time that can be displayed at the top of EMC's homepage (hopefully with the option of 24h/12h). It would be a useful tool for players on the servers or on empire.us to organize get togethers, announce events such as mob arenas or firework shows and even when broadcasting server updates/scheduled downtimes on the site or in game. A command such as /estz or /time could be used to get the time on the servers.

    • Would make planning events and other important occasions on EMC so much easier
    a) No need to use time zone converters
    b) Simple and easy, just one time zone
    • Seeing as it's New Years Eve soon - when can a better time be to introduce this so firework shows can begin!
    • Probably an EMC unique feature - can't have too many of those!
    • Can't see any.
    What do you think? I would definitely consider it if I were you Justin/Aikar

    EDIT: Would also include date for EMC on site/server
    EDIT: I would personally like the time to be UTC(0) as it's just more balanced. Aka. the Zulu time zone
  2. Amazing idea, really need this!

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  3. I love this Idea!
  4. I approve of this. ^_^
  5. Great idea yet for some reason its never been acted upon. I think another brilliant thing to add would be command on the server to tell the EMC time. Maybe /emctime or /estz.
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  6. Yeah, forgot to add that but I was thinking of something that displayed it in game :D
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  7. good idea, im for it.
  8. ICC - what do you think? :D
  9. I remember Justin hinted this when he sat on his computer 24/7. Now he probably never touches it.
  10. Valve time.

    I do like it. How about UTC Time?
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  11. Yeah it should be GMT or American EST. Or Australian EST :p
  12. 3rd times a charm.?
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  13. Actually, I was thinking UTC (0) as it just seems better and more simple, it's the middle right?
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  14. Plus its my time too :)
  15. Good idea.
  16. This is an amazing idea!
    And i would like it if it also show your own time :)
    I also would like if it's 24h :)
    Btw do CET (timezone) xD
  17. I don't think it should show your own time - you should be able to choose between 24/12 hour because some people might not be able to read 24 only - nah, UTC0 :)
  18. Hmm... because i do not live in England auctions are a little bit difficult...
    And yes choose between 24h/12h (i love 24h lol)
    EDIT: I do a lot of auctions that's why
  19. No you wouldn't need to worry about it haha because if you make the auction end in 24 hours or at say 6pm ESTZ time, everyone else would be using the EMC time too :D
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