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  1. I think a place for people to post pictures of things they found cool in the wild or frontier such as structures or happenings. I found 3 Marlix all in the same spot over the ocean, and could not find a topic to post it under. Anyways, thanks for any consideration!
  2. I love the idea!!! :D
  3. 1+1 this is a good idea! Or we could post this stuff in the shutter talk :confused:
  4. I think we can look into this. Until then the Community Discussion forum is a good place to post such things.
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  5. Although that can be broad, people may want to see farms only
    Perhaps (Till this becomes a thing) there could be a special tag like: [Community Farm]
  6. How about a MEGATHREAD *explosions*
  7. Bump this idea. +1
  8. I didn't see this one before and think it's a good idea. However, we already have a place like this: the random screenshot thread.

    It's actually one of my favorites, I really like watching and posting stuff like that. So if you have things to share, like 3 Marlixes, then that's the place to send it to!
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  9. I would post, but Shel got to it before me. :p

    Just post there. :)
  10. +1 Great idea!
  11. A media section? For just random stuff you took pictures of and want to share.
  12. This exists as Shutter Talk. :)

    You can also post on the pinned thread in Share your Creations and the Random Screenshot Thread that Shel linked above.
  13. srry, this threads popular
  14. lol im deleting msg
  15. +1 for idea