[SUGGESTION] More Vote Bonus Items

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  1. 320- Voter's Bench (Much like the Labor Bench, without the fancy lore and is soulbound)

    330- Voter's Brewing Stand (Brewing on the go)

    340-Voter's Furnace (Smelting on the go!)

    350- Voter's Anvil (Mobile repairing/enchanting)

    360- Voter's Chest (Ender/Normal chest that can be right-clicked instead of placed)
  2. All of these are impossible, with the exception of the workbench

    Trust me... I've asked for the furnace before..

    Also when you are suggesting a few new voting items, try to space out the bonuses to give the play some sort of challenge towards them
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  3. I'm 15 votes away from 300 so I would love more items. Maybe a new voters pick with Eff V. Nothing else just Eff V (well besides the normal soulbound, unbreakable, etc.). Maybe a high vote number to be worth it.
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  4. Don't you think this pretty much cheats through the whole game? I mean yes it sounds cool and it might be nice to have but it would nust end the need to create all of these separate items.
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  5. Like every other voter's item?
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  6. It is possible to create the Voter's Bench, because it only requires some Aikar magic and a GUI.

    When you use a Brewing stand normally, it changes the data values to tell the game exactly what to brew and what not to brew. So this is just not possible with any means of doing it. Plus who is to say that it won't lose it's name when you use it?

    The furnace follows the sames rules.

    The anvil is much more complex than the others. But I think you already get the point.

    With the chest, I think I can make you understand. When a normal chest is placed on the ground, it stores data saying what it is holding and how much of the item. I've done my fair share of testing with this, and it is indeed possible. But it requires the server to constantly check if the player is inside the chest GUI, placing/removing items from the chest. But here is the kicker... When you put an item in the chest it creates a separate line in the database, with your UUID, the item type, slot number, metadata, amount, name, and/or lore. Now just imagine you having the chest filled to the top with renamed items with enchantments and lore. Now multiply that by a couple hundred thousand players doing roughly the same thing. I think you get it now...

    Every other Voter's item have enchantments that are not very good... But they are equaled out by the fact that they are unbreakable and soulbound.
  7. There are already too many items xD
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  8. I really don't think the low enchants on current voters gear ruins the game? It would be unfair if an efficiency 5 pick was made as that would nust completely ruin the market. We may as well just get a 'pot of beacons' that pukes out a stack or two everytime we place it :p Voters items are an extra treat for players >.>
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  9. At a high enough vote streak not at all. It's not like every member has a high streak. And why not a great tool when you had the patients to reach such a high streak.
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  10. +1/5, I only agree on the workbench...
  11. I disagree with the chest. Another inventory is completely overpowered.
  12. Some additional items would be cool. And a soulbound workbench would most certainly be nice to have. I also got the labour workbench, but the main reason I don't take it out with me is because you can lose it ;)

    I wouldn't really be a fan for more powerful voter tools though. Sure, the dia pick is slower to use than a Eff IV dia pick, but it sure lasts a 'little' longer, which should also count for something.

    But yeah, this gets discussed quite often. Personally I'd love a soulbound voters clock for example ;) When I go mining I always take a workbench and a clock with me.
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  13. here is a suggestion:
    400 votes: voter's xp bottle
    It is like a haunted head or a headless horseman mask but gives 2 levels per day, i think that is fair
  14. I'm all for adding more Voter Rewards. I am still working my way towards earning them all, (I am currently at 124,
    I believe.) However, more rewards on the list would just encourage me to keep going :) I do, however, agree that the exact nature of these proposed rewards perhaps need to be tweaked / discussed further. I thought it would be nice to get an upgraded version of the voter's gear. Perhaps an iron set? Therefore keeping with the spirit of not making it TOO overpowered, but still a reward, all the same.
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  15. There are already planned items such as the Max Res Vouchers at a Very High Level. Also your suggesting the levels too low, I am already at 400 Bonus. They should have items now once every 50 - 100 levels.

    That's All I can provide about the Upcoming items, as Aikar will not release when,....
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  16. Btw, if you want to have these suggestions look through post them here, if not krysyy(and other staff) will probably not see this... http://emc.gs/suggestpromo
  17. That's for promos though.
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  18. I love the idea of more items after 300. I'm at about 281, and currently there's not much of a point in voting past 300 besides the rupee bonuses. I agree that they should be more spaced out after 300 and that some of the items listed are too op, but you have to start somewhere with suggestions. Just knocking them down because you feel like they're too op isn't really productive to the suggestion.
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  19. all of this.
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  20. Here is a little idea:
    PlayerName's Voter's Head

    Imagine it being like TF2's unusual. Right clicking it brings you to a GUI where you can select particles. Each particle choice needs to be unlocked by a certain number of votes (or rupees, you choose). You can only equip 1 particle and, when wearing your head, it would emit the particles. Of course, it wouldn't spam it.

    It could be the final voter equipment.