[Suggestion] Monthly News, With a Sick Twist

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Your opinion on this suggestion?

+1337 this needs to happen. 4 vote(s) 14.8%
+1, I agree this is a good suggestion. 3 vote(s) 11.1%
-/+ 0 I feel a bit neutral about this suggestion. 4 vote(s) 14.8%
-1 I feel this is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much effort, or I just do not like this suggestion. 16 vote(s) 59.3%
  1. I did this with my console server, the players seemed to like it a bit more than the regular text, long thread version of the news.

    Basically we would finally put the YouTube team to use, creating a video containing all the news of the previous month.

    Nough said, leave your opinion below mate.
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  2. Who said the YouTube team isn't doing anything?

    Text is a lot easier to get info from than a video. -1
  3. How?
  4. Shots fired
  5. That was like a missile
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  7. The monthly news would still be posted by Krysyy, eat a waffle, you get too serious when you're hungry.
  8. I personally do like it the way it is with text. Maybe instead of having the entire thing in the form of a video (As you suggested), the youtube team can announce the winners of build contests (Or things of that mater) by showing them off in the video. This to me seems like the only thing that would be worth a video, since viewing the winners sometimes requires downloading. :)
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  9. Accents, language, tone, sound quality, etc all factor in. With text, your mind optimizes any and all factors (unless what you are reading is physics, then it makes it sounds horrible).
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  10. Eh, still not needed. I'd rather have more videos on features, mobs, etc than a video on something I could read. Seems like a waste of time.
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  11. Also, shame on you for voting in your own poll lol.
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  12. Soo what caliber were those shots
  13. Unlike in a video, you could also use the find function to look for the key words about the topic you are interested in.
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  14. Yeah, I think you need to be a little careful with wording your comment about "finally putting the Youtube team to use". Do note that I'm convinced you didn't intent it this way but it does seem as if you're suggesting that they're kinda idle. I can't speak on their behalf, only on that of my team (to some extend that is!) but even we (contrib. team) can easily look idle while we're actually pretty busy getting stuff done. Not everything we do can be seen by all players...

    No offense taken, no issues raised, but I hope you can understand that it hit a little nerve while being part of the volunteers and all :)

    So onto your issue. Apart from issues raised above where accessibility is concerned I think there's another problem: time. Staff is busy as it is, and creating a video will require a lot more time than writing a newsletter. Another thing: a newsletter could be delegated to someone else, with a video that would become a whole lot more difficult.

    Likability is another problem. What if players like the setting of one news video, another group takes over and suddenly they don't like it anymore (bad music, hard to hear, weird examples, no Senior Staff present to demonstrate anymore, etc, etc.).

    Even so... I'd be open to do to the idea myself (if doable) but only if it would be an extension to the newsletter we already have. Not a replacement.

    But I can't help wonder that this would be a lot harder than its worth.
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  15. lol this was already done by kells18
  16. They were missiles, as said above.

    I agree, because as far as we know, the YouTube team could be working on a huge project right this moment. They worked hard to apply, and they are probably currently working on something hard right now. I believe that you misjudged the YouTube team -- they are not just a group of people sitting there saying, "Heh heh, we are on a team, we're famous," they are hardworking individuals, and a big part of EMC. -1 for the negative comment. (Even if it wasn't meant to be negative.)

    However, I do like the idea of video news. But the YouTube team probably has bigger things to do. Maybe if there was a player made EMC News video? That would be cool, also. There are plenty of player-made newspapers in-game, but there are none (Please, correct me if I am mistaken) that make videos. If there is someone that has the capabilities, they should start a thread and make the videos. If not, forget it, you have better things to do. +1 for those reasons and those reasons only.

    [Technically, I did not give a +1 or -1, because they cancel each other out. :p ]
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  17. I prefer text above videos. I get quite irritated sometimes, when I can find things easily on YouTube but can't find them in text form. One of the biggest problems is that you can't really skim videos.
  18. The YouTube team is doing a bunch of stuff.. Who said we weren't?
  19. when was the last time you heard of the youtube team doing anything significant XD
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  20. Well uhm... Okay maybe you have a point.

    There should be some content on the channel within the next couple of months, though :)
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