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  1. Basically this is it, do a command like /money [amount] and that amount of money would be removed from yohr balance and put on a peice of paper that can reedeem the money by right clicking it.

    This could b useful for donating money or giving it as prizes or dropping at dps.

    Also it would be soulbound, i dont wanna die and loose the 10k i put on a paper lol.
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  2. -1 cause Im pretty sure there used to be rupee vouchers.. And why? Just /pay
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  3. I feel whatever benefits this might have over the currently system, it just might enough to be worth it. Donating is already easy, you just pay the player. Prizes/DPs drops same thing. You can just rename a piece of paper and they mail it to you to cash it in.
  4. Lol i said why, for drop parties and donations. And i dont think there ever was rupee vouchers...
  5. I guess so but isnt "rupee vouchers" an easier alternative?
  6. For me no. I pay you 10k in 1 step. This suggestion I would have to put it on paper and then mail then you have to redeem it.

    Maybe others would like it.
  7. This suggestion has been made several times before, but to my knowledge it hasn't been officially accepted or denied yet (but I could have overlooked something!).

    Basically the ability to somehow 'convert' rupees into a physical block (or item) which you can use in-game.


    This can have many uses. For example: you could actually 'bank' your money, something which I'm personally really missing out on. Actually reserving money for later, by storing it in a chest or in a /vault page.

    It would also allow shops to set out a budget which can then be used by a specific amount of players. You simply give players access to a chest, then you place these "money items" into that chest and from there on players have access to a limited amount of cash which they can use.

    Of course this could have many forms. I don't think a /money command would work because this is currently used to show your rupee & token amount, but any other command should be doable.

    Personally I'd prefer if they would set something up in the /shop. You know: a way to buy & sell a specific (custom) item so that it has a fixed rupee value. This would then allow us to 'convert' rupees into physical blocks/items and back.

    I don't think this will happen anytime soon, but I would definitely be a huge fan of such an feature. In specific because it would allow me to actually bank my rupees.
  8. -1 This kinda already exist with Player Shop.... This is how you make one!
    Apparently is ILLEGAL to ADVERTISE banks so.... a Toade made me blur out the res number...
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  9. You see the thing is, im buyjng it for 10.5 and getting 10 back. With the money thin id get all my rupees. Also what if you run out of money for me to sell it back? Ittl be the great depression all over again!
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  10. Depends on the host of the bank.... Some people will never run out of money, Also the Net profit for the host it doesnt really matter, you can have it 10k for 10k, but it just made a quick example...

    I mean if you trust a player, sort of, and they have a bank, and you need a bank, then use it. Dont use a Bank that is called "Pro Robbers", kinda use common sense
  11. +1 what shelLuser said and drop parties or such
  12. Although true there is one major difference between Ex suggestion and this approach: staff control. In other words: more player security.

    In your example you'd loan money from a player. And banking, which used to be forbidden, is also "unmoderated by staff". The problem is that anything could happen from there on. The player has no obligation to pay you back, also because the whole thing is a total free for all.

    And I'm not even talking about foul play perse, but what about a player who suddenly goes on vacation or because of in real life obligations goes derelict, eventually comes back, and then can't pay you back right away because now they need the money to get themselves sorted out first?

    Player banks are an alternative, absolutely true, but they're also much more risky. That's one of the reasons I wouldn't use one myself regardless of who set it up, the risks are simply not worth it in my opinion.
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  13. I see this suggestion as useful and a time saver. Although many of the main uses for this idea are already possible, they require some kind of manual process on both sides. This suggestion would automate and simplify the process. Other than peace of mind and being a centralized process, there aren't any other big benefits. There also aren't any negatives to this either. It seems like an interesting idea with no real negatives.
  14. Why not just write a book and give that to a dp? Mailing = free
    Also if this were paper it would be very easily confused with something like, let's say, support vouchers = can be lost alot easier
    If it were a map, vault vouchers.
    Another problem, what if someone steals these from you? They can instantly redeem those for money and no one would notice. Final point, coding, the devs have enough to work on atm, something as small as this isn't bound to be done any time in the near future. - 1
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  15. This was suggested before but was shut down as players can loose it or others can steal and can even possibly duplicate them.
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  16. I suggested something similar to this a while ago. It was like the Vault vouchers except for Rupees. To be used for drop parties. Bought from the /shop in increments of 500,1000, and 5000. Soulbound payment vouchers. Like the vault a right click and boom you've got rupees in the bag.
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  17. -1 I feel like this would just be an uneccessary addition. You could easily just rename a piece of paper or write in a book what you want. I do like the idea of them being soulbound though.
  18. I honestly really hate the books you mail in to redeem :/
  19. How could you hate a book?
  20. For one it actually holds no value like what is suggested here, (and where its been before) and so its not a guarantee at money, its the word of people we may not know or speak to that they will pay us what the book says. As well if you mess up in the process your out that money and have to still pay the person that redeemed the book (theres more room for error or scams than there needs to be that is why I hate it)
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