[SUGGESTION] Maxarian Cocktail (survival update)

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  1. Some time after the Dragon Tomb update, have small obsidian mazes spawn very rarely, with a chest at the centre. In the chest, have an Empire special item named the Maxarian Cocktail, made out of a water bottle, just like the Zombie Virus. The cocktail would have one of two effects, each having a probability of 50%:
    • grant the player 1,000,000r
    • permanently ban the player
    This is obviously a very crazy idea that will never get implemented, but the thought of it is very exciting and risky.
  2. Jeez, No, I shall not be drinking that.
  3. I don't think you can permanently ban someone for just wanting a drink or two...
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  4. No, it's not a punishment, it's just the risk. Would you take something knowing it could get you banned if you had a chance of winning a million rupees?
  5. Can I rig the game?
  6. And this is why one gets alts. ;)
  7. Pfff. Just sell the bottle for 500,000r :rolleyes:
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  8. The idea is nice, but the potion is not. :(
  9. Why not ban the player for a month...
  10. This is an amazing idea, even though it wouldn't be implimented.
    "jtc0999 has been banned by Maxarian Cocktail reason: He took the chance :p"

    Also, how about a ban for a month like Pig's idea? Perm. ban is way to risky
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  11. Maybe a week... A month may drive people away.
  12. I love the idea. If it was a week or a month, people would just keep drinking and drinking it for the million rupees. If it were a week or a month the chances of a million rupees would have to be reduced.
  13. I can see this being an April fools joke too.
  14. How about you drink it... and you just get rupees lol
  15. lol, people suggesting improvements to this like it's actually a serious suggestion...
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  16. 2 Problems About this:
    1. Why would you ban the player?
    2. It should be 70% for 100,000 rupees.

    I also think it should atleast kill you, instead of banning you. In this case, It'll be 40% Of 500,000 rupees, then 60% for death.
  17. Please refer to;
  18. 1. To create an element of risk in consuming the cocktail.
    2. For the glory of Satan, of course.
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  19. We like to think of it as a 1% chance of it becoming a new feature.
  20. Death is easy to overcome. A 1 day old person could walk out there with nothing, and keep trying for wealth.
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