[Suggestion] Make Snow Golems buildable

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  1. As soon as Aikar allowed the spawning of snow golems be a thing, people were excited as they can finally spawn snow golems on their residence. However, this brings up the question: Why can we not build them?

    My suggestion:
    • Blizz Ard Body Parts
      • Allows spawning of Snow Golem
        • Snow Golem spawns with specially colored name (Color or Color)
          • Possible Names: Frosty, Snow Storm, Avalanche, Arctic, Cold Front, Cold Snap, Deep Freeze, Glacier, Ice Age, Jack Frost, Polar, Snowball, Snowflake, Sub Zero, White Out
      • Spawns snowman once every 12 hours
    And of course allow us to build Snow Golem.
    While we're at it, allow us to build iron golems?
  2. 0, yea It would be good... But wouldnt we get unlimited snow?? And for Iron Golem , couldnt people make Iron Farms?
  3. I believe natural mob spawning is off in town and you can already get unlimited snow. It's not like snow is a big part of the game. :p
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  4. How is it done at the moment?
  5. You can only spawn a snow golem with the special item at the moment.
  6. How would you make an iron farm? Golems drop less iron than it takes to make :p
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