[Suggestion] Make /brb act like /away

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by AyanamiKun, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. when i need to do stuff i always tell my friends "brb!". when im a supporter (like now) i can do: /away im not here so ppl know why im not there.

    i think it would be cool if we could do: /brb im reading forums

    also bcause /brb is easy to remember and shorter than /away ^.^
  2. -1 It's just as easy as /afk [Away From Keyboard]
  3. begun, the battle between afk and brb has :D

    don't mind me, I'm just being silly ;)
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  4. +1, not much needed for a synonymous command.
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  5. I'll ping Aikar to have him see this. An alias such as this is pretty easy to implement.
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  6. added for next update. afk was already there (and the actual 'preferred' command)
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  7. Can't wait to see this :p
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  8. not really that exciting :p Also putting ref link in signature is un-needed, they are disabled on the website :p
  9. Yeah, but really, adding another alias wouldn't be too much of a hassle, would it? Even if it only helps one person... it costs hardly anything in comparison to other things, so I think it shouldn't be a problem.
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  10. um.....no need to argue peoples =P
  11. True, but arguing is fun :p
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  12. Ik but i want it there :p
  13. whats the point? /away means what /brb would mean just more things to divert the ss or admins attention away for more important problems ^^
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  14. Can you already do /away [insert what ur doing]? If not I think that would be a good thing to implement
  15. You can, but only if you're a supporter (like you are). If you're not then you can still set yourself /away but without specifying a reason.

    And it seems that we'll soon also be able to use "/brb <stuff>" ;)
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  16. Guys its already settled, might as well close thread :p
  17. I know, I know, I was a bit late to the party, but I like discussion :p
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  18. I for one, welcome our new "brb" overlords.
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  19. How are you going to do that when they'll be right back? They might not come back for quite a while ;)

    Ok, ok, that was a silly joke. Anyway, if you'll excuse me; I'll /brb playing EMC :D
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