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  1. Hey EMC,

    Do you get a ton of mail? Well this would be a separate page from the Rupee's and Token Page, and This would allow you to see a history of everything that was sent in your mail....

    Would work like this...

    Number From Date Item(s)

    And this way you would be able to look through your history and make sure that things where sent for sure...

    This will also be easier for staff to track as well....

    Feel free to post your thoughts....

  2. +1. Can't say it would be of use to me, but I can definitely see applications for people with lots of mail.
  3. I don't know, I'm usally only usning my mail to get voting rewards, but I do defently understand it when this would be very usefull for other people :) so, yeah, somewere between 0 and +1 :)
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  4. I personally get almost no mail, but it doesn't seem like a super hard thing to add +1
  5. Can't you check it in your rupee history as well?
  6. I believe you can only see sent mail, not received mail
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  7. Even if you could it gets very hard to see when you do a lot of buying... I have over 30k pages of rupee history and looking for the mail, i gave up :p
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  8. Dooooo eeeeet! +1
  9. we did recently add logs for this, but heck we don't even have it in square yet >.< I have to manually check those logs...

    But I don't see a problem with players seeing basic data of the logs too, but yeah Staff also need this so they can get the logs w/o bugging me =P
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  10. Plus 99999999