[SUGGESTION?] Invisibility potion, fire charges, and name tags

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  1. I was having a conversation with some staff members about some of the features of EMC that have been disallowed possibly being outdated.
    At least some of them seemed sure that invisibility potion no longer allowed griefers to get away with their crimes since you all track most griefing behavior anyway. Another player seeing someone grief isn't even used as evidence for taking action. If we can't be made invisible to others, maybe it is possible to separate that function from being invisible to mobs. I'm no video game coder.

    Also, now that TNT is allowed in town and elsewhere, I was wondering if it was possible to reconsider allowing fire charges, at least in town if nowhere else. I've never actually used fire charges for destruction (I should go play with them in single player), so I'm not sure if those should ever be revisited for use in the frontier. However, they are an easy way to relight nether portals since there is no source of iron in the nether, but coal and magma cream are mob drops.

    Last on my list (also first; I've posted this one before): name tags.
    Creepers no longer blow up any blocks, enderman only pick up dirt and a few other blocks, and zombies are a bunch of wusses. Monsters are pretty harmless, these days.
    Are there reasons name tags can't be used on any hostile mobs? I'm sure it would be super easy to track who name tagged 100 enraged creepers in the middle of someones village if something ridiculous (and expensive!) like that were to happen. Actually, let's not name tag enraged. :p
  2. Go to wild/waste, switch to 8+ difficulty and say that again... hehehe.
  3. :p
    Ok, ok. I exaggerated, but name tags don't make it worse.
    10 is so, so horrible, but something is still missing when a creeper explodes without tearing down my house.
  4. They fly through the air. They were previously disabled because it could get passed res perms. Also, in the nether, you can set up a quick lava dispenser for portals.
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  5. The Invisibility Potion is diabled as people could use it to hack and staff could not see it. The creepers do not blow up blocks as mobs do less damage when you are say 1, where as 10 they do a ton of damage. Fire charges was disabled as people used it to make fires in the wild and greif. and name tags, they do not do that on hostile mobs as it would cause lag to load all those mobs in a section in the wild, also would screw up the loading of mobs in those areas. and there would be several glitches with naming hostile mobs.
  6. 1)Are hacks really only traceable by catching a third person view of the hacker? I would think they just view from your own perspective anyway, right? That or see it in the code somewhere?
    This is the one that staff seemed to all agree no longer needed to be disallowed, so I think (but have no real idea) there are other ways of tracing this stuff now.
    Also, maybe the visual effect can still be separated from the function with mobs, but that might be a totally new suggestion.

    2) Creepers don't blow up blocks regardless of who is observing them. At least not since the TNT update I'm pretty sure. I could be wrong, but I think difficulty only effects damage dealt to/by the player who set it. Ok, creepers can do block damage if near/targeting a player on high difficulty, but a creeper with a name tag blows up the same as a creeper without.

    3)I need to find out how destructive fire charges are, but maybe they can be allowed nether-side and in town (as part of the TNT flag even)?

    4)There are entity limits in the wild. You can already have 250 sheep in a relatively small area. Would hostile mobs really cause more lag? Few people could afford to name tag 250 hostile mobs, and there is (I'm pretty sure) no point to doing it. Mobs completely freeze on EMC if they're like 20 blocks away from a player, too. I routinely have 50+ hostile mobs (without name tags) in a small, dark building in the wild before I kill them. It is a vanilla feature, so I'm not sure what glitches you mean other than with EMC custom mobs and despawning. Anything specific?

    Lava dispensers still need iron :[ also string, wood, redstone, and cobblestone. I didn't know about the getting past res perms, though. That's why it was "temporary" I guess. It's probably on the tracker somewhere then...
  7. It all matters on what level you are on for the mob to do damage. If you are on lower levels they do no block damage and very little to you, if you are on 5 thats the same as normal on sp, and 10 they do lots of damage. i have tested this, and i like it this way, i am on level 1 all the time when i am building as i dont like stuff blowing up. So i dont want them to change this.

  8. Ok. It's good to know, but I don't want them to change it either...
    That's not what the suggestion is at all.
  9. Here is a shortened version of my inqueries:

    1.) Do invisibility potions still enable anyone to get away with anything, even with current grief and cheat detection?

    2.) Are fire charges any more destructive than TNT? Can they be made less so?

    3.) Are there any reasons why name tags' function still needs to be removed? That is: what trouble will a name tagged monster cause that one without wouldn't, and is that trouble enough to merit removing the feature from the game?

    On the subject of fire charges, I think fire spread is turned off now in the wastelands and frontier. It seems like the res flag issue is the reason they were taken away. Perhaps they can be restored outside of town until that's fixed?
    Is the flying through the air only when a dispenser is used? I can't get it to happen with right click...

    EMC is always saying that they try to stick as close to vanilla as possible, so I think the default mindset should be to keep everything from Minecraft in Minecraft.
    I'm sure there were excellent reasons for banning all these things at some point, my suggestion is just that it be revisited by someone with some say-so.

    I think a month ago, even I was super upset about them adding TNT back into the game, but in spite of my cries of danger, nothing bad seems to have happened.
  10. Yes
  11. There is an anti hacking plugin on EMC which reports to staff when someone is hacking. The staff then have to go to that player record or print screen them hacking which lets them ban them. All bans must have evidence
  12. Good to know thanks. And that evidence must be a screenshot of the player from 3rd person?
    If staff can't get around this that makes sense, but it was staff who first said that rule was outdated, so I wonder if there's something we don't know.
  13. The only other option is for Aikar to modify packets so that the player doesn't look invisible to staff however this means that the player would still be invisible to non-staff meaning they can't print screen them and report them.
  14. Ok, though I doubt many players are caught by other players' screenshots (unless it's for flying), that makes sense.

    I should really separate these into 3 suggestions now, but my original was just that they get looked at :p

    I still wonder if it's possible to separate the visual from the mob-related effect, but that's actual work on the part of the dev team, unlike my previous suggestion.
  15. A whole lot of greifers and player killers are caught that way. as well as glitchers and hackers
    I do think it would be awesome to be invisible from mobs with the potions. Or be able to get mob invisibility armor.
  16. Wait. Why did you prefer a fire charge above a lava dispenser for lighting a portal? Because the lava dispenser costs an extra 3 iron? You csn get the bucket back though.
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  17. Because none of the ingredients for a dispenser or bucket are available in the nether. Especially with EMC letting us use beds in the nether, it's quite easy to get trapped nether-side with no way to relight your portal. Granted you still need obsidian to make any new portals.

    Edit: and maybe I don't like having things taken away :p
    It came as a surprise after crafting one to get out that I couldn't actually use it. I really can't imagine doing more harm with a firecharge than a flint and steel. It seems like the real issue is that they overcame res permissions. We're just piecing it together until someone bigger than us comes along to explain things, though.
  18. Always have a ender chest with you. Keep some emergency supplies in there. :p
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  19. Sorry, never mind, I looked it up on the wiki, and I didn't know a fire charge could be used as flint and steel. I thought you were going to shoot the fire charge with a dispenser.
  20. +1 for name tags on hostile mobs + the other stuff!