[Suggestion] Increase Firework height limit

Discussion in 'The Suggestion Box' started by LordKopecz, May 21, 2019.

  1. Right now, If you would try to use a firework while elytra-gliding above y=200 a message would pop-up saying "You may not use fireworks this high up!"

    I would like this arbitrary limit to be increased to at least y=256 (the build limit) or even removed completely. It would be quite useful to use fireworks higher than y=200 when flying large distances.

    What do you think?
  2. I thought this was a vanilla feature. Is this an emc add-on?
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  3. Yes, the arbitrary limit is not vanilla Minecraft; it is an EMC add-on.
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  4. +1 It'd be more fun up High!
  5. +1, I see no reason why we shouldn't be able to fly higher. :)
  6. We definitely need this implemented soon XD
  7. +1

    Seems like a classic issue of over-regulation to me.
  8. Not even aware of this til now. Asking devs what's the purpose...
  9. What is the purpose?
  10. I agree.
    We should fly high :D
  11. like OP said, even if there is a limit it should be at least build limit. making it less than build limit makes no sense whatsoever
  12. +1 I didn't even know how high the limit was but I've been stopped by it a good amount :p
  13. +1, Flying long distances would be a breeze
  14. +100 Please fix this šŸ˜‚
    You see, Iā€™m one of those builders who takes their projects up to the limit, so expanding up to it or doing away with it altogether would help out a fair deal for getting those materials up there efficiently.
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  16. :oops:
  17. +1 :D I've run into this heading into town from my frontier base 80,000 block away. I have made it up to the 300 mark using the rocket at the last moment. (and the 40/-40 ratio)
  18. I have made it up to a little over 400 but... not being able to use the rocket if you are working on something that is above y200 I think is the issue. Being able to just fly higher just because isn't much of a reason to change this. You can fly long distances at y150 :D
  19. The limit is there because there is a game bug that freeze your client (or was it lagging the server? all i remember is bad things happened), if a firework flies higher than the build limit.
    However, using one while gliding I guess shouldn't trigger that bug and might be ok to allow.