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  1. EDIT: The command has been here all along! It is "//calc" !

    As a successful shop owner, people often message me in-game with questions about how much a DC of "this" would cost, or how much 12 stacks of "that" would cost. Not being a mathematical savant, I have to either switch from Minecraft to my computer desktop to open a calculator program or get up from my desk to fetch a physical, real-world calculator. It would be much more convenient to have an in-game calculator that I could use inside of Minecraft itself.

    To this end, I would like to suggest adding a "/calc" command. This command would accept simple mathematical formulas and output the result. It would support addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, as well as order of operations.


    Input: /calc 64*4
    Output: 256

    Input: /calc 64*4+16*3
    Output: 304

    One simple way to implement this would be to use Java's built-in Javascript engine (as described in this StackOverflow post).

    Thank you!
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  2. If you install macro mod, it'd be exceptionally easy to add this yourself to your client. :)
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  3. Cool! Thanks for the tip. I'll have to check that out.
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  4. +1

    It doesnt seem like it would be hard to add. I have a calculator next to me most of the time anyways.
  5. I usually just alt tab to google and type that in so that would save a few seconds of my time!\
    edit- +1
  6. +1 this is amazing! Great idea :)
  7. Not really a big fan of this idea. -1
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  8. +1 This idea is Ubae
  9. +1 Love it, really lazy idea, but beats having to open my phone and use the calculator on it.
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  10. +1 even though I won't use it
  11. this is a good idea! +1
  12. This doesn't seem needed, because you could always have a calculator next to your desk. If anything, that's quicker than typing the command. -1
  13. Definitely is possible, but if it were to be added - Do not set high expectations. Complex calculations can take longer to calculate; we need weigh whether it is still justifiable and what limits to set.
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  14. most equations minecraft related are not complex. The most I do is like:


    Or something along those lines.
  15. Realistically, I am thinking it would be limited to multiplication/division and addition/subtraction. Probably allow parentheses.
    Because in addition, would need to find a good library to use to carry out these operations; or I will just write it myself.
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  16. Great idea. And sorry foam :p
  17. *Cough* a certain Bot we have may have plans to be available on all EMC servers which has a !calc command >_>
  18. I honestly cannot stand those chat bots. If I am on the same page as you, they always seem to feel more annoying than useful or fun.

    Maybe this is an unpopular opinion