[Suggestion] Help new players get back home from another smp!

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  1. Hey EMC,

    I have seen it many times where a player will be very new to the server or a old player returning, but they are on a different server than their home server... So I had this suggestion in mind....

    When a player would type "/home", it would take them there, but if it is located on another server, the following message would come up;

    Your home residence is located on smp "9"
    You currently on smp "2"
    If you would like me to TP me there automatically "click here"

    Once a player click it, it would TP them to that server, and if they are in town, it would then move further and tp them to their residence. If they are located out of town, it would come up with;

    Your residence is located in town, but we are unable to tp you there.
    Please use /map if you need help getting back to spawn.

    Let me know what you think,

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  2. +1 great idea
    I too have see this many times and his would really help them
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  3. It already has such a message. But I guess adding a "click here" prompt may help a little.
  4. Yes, but even with that, there are players who ask how to get home still even when its on another server...
  5. +1 This would be a great addition, and help out new/returning players! Would this be disabled for a player after so long or..? Would it be for everyone?
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  6. -1. Something like this already exists. No need to add the same thing over again.
  7. The way it is now, is you have to know the command, Many new players do not know every command and when they type /home from another server they get mad that it is not working, just adding a simple way that makes them not have to enter more commands is what i am saying. Right now EMC is not 100% user friendly to newer players, and even more to younger players who are not able to remember over 200 commands on the first 3 months of playing..
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  8. +100 like its
  9. +1. I definitely had a challenge of getting back to home when I first started out.
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  10. You managed to get to another smp, you can figure out how to get back. Yes players are new, but making everything super simple for them is pointless. If a player isn't smart enough to figure things out on their own, then they are too stupid to be on the internet. The world isn't meant to spoon feed everyone everything. We were given brains for a reason.
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  11. +1 excellent idea and definitely one I could have used my first few days on EMC in which I was stuck on smp7 in the waste and unable to figure out how to get back to smp8
  12. Sounds like something what I don't know of why it wasn't there alredey...
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  13. This would be a really good idea, so +1. I've had to help many players who complained that they may have lost their res when really it was just on a different SMP.
  14. I'm very in between on this. Sure, new players could be asking how to get to their home server, but is that really a major problem? I think the real question should be: did those players got to their home residence? And I'm almost positive that the answer to that one is yes.

    Right now the system already informs players that they are on a different server and also gives them the command to get home, although it could be a little more clear on that I think:

    Also: the Empire Assistant can already be used to do this, and many other tasks. If a player wants to get to another server then /assist is all they need (or to right click the compass).

    My problem with this issue is that it's documented almost everywhere. It's in the tutorial, it's in the new players guide (soulbound book which is safe to be carrier around in-game), it's part of the Empire assistant, it's on the wiki, it's mentioned in the new player guide. And of course it's already mentioned in the error itself, though that could be a bit more clear.

    I'm not necessarily against making things easier on new players, but I also think it's fair to say that a majority of new(er) players has no patience to go through the tutorial, doesn't really have much interest for the guides and as a result of that can end up with questions.

    Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, teach him how to fish and you're a lifesaver.

    Thing is, I've also seen plenty of new players "grief" in the wastelands despite the giant red warnings which are plastered all over the place. Technically it was griefing, but the people I'm talking about all undid their mining the moment I warned them that they were destroying something which wasn't theirs to begin with.

    If you miss something like that "Don't do x or you could be banned" then how sure can we be that they'd notice and actually use this feature?

    So yeah, as said I'm really in between on this one.
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