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Good idea?

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0 1 vote(s) 25.0%
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  1. Hello,

    I have been trying to get alot of my heads recently, but it takes me forever! For ex: it once took me 49 trys to get 1 head!!!!!

    So I've been thinking, why not add a feature where you can change the chance of your head dropping.

    Of course not being able to have 100% or 0% but maybe like a max of 75% and a minimum of 10%? Something like that.

    Not 0% because if people didn't want to drop there head they could just turn off head drop, and not 100% because then heads would be to easy to obtain. If people could change there percentage of head dropping then i think that would be helpful.

    Please leave questions, comments, or feedback :)

    Please don't be mean tho :)
  2. Personally think it's fine as it is. Not sure how you are doing it but I can get my head very easily. One method is /v +pvp on smp6. Pop in, jump in lava, repeat. Out of 10 tries usually get 1-2. Also a very high platform in the wild/waste. Just set your bed at the top and jump. If your head popped off, jump down and get it (as you are immune for a few seconds). If not try again.
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  3. Every time you fall, there is a 15% chance that your head will drop if you have head drop on.
    If you tried 49 times and only got 1, then you just aren't very lucky today.
    I'd try, try, try again, but the 15% is staying as is.
  4. Yeah wasn't the drop rate a lower percentage before? I think 15% is reasonable :)
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  5. If I am correct it used to be 25%
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  7. Closing thread at the request of the initial poster.
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