[Suggestion] Raise Player head drop percentage...?

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Yes 23 vote(s) 82.1%
No 5 vote(s) 17.9%
  1. Hey EMC,

    This is a suggestion to raise the head drop percentage to at least 25%.... I know it was on 100% by mistake, but Lately i have noticed i have to die an average of 30 times to get one head.....

    Just a small suggestion, Thoughts?
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  2. Yes, and yes. I tried for at least 30 minutes a few days just to get 1 head.....

  3. I recently died about 50+ times and got no heads. Head drop is definitely turned on, as I never turned it off, and checked.
  4. Yay, It is hard to get heads from my accounts when people ask for them, Have to keep killing my self and it takes such a long time.
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  5. For those that don't know, the current drop percentage is 15%....
  6. FYI the drop rate is also affected by difficulty level. If you want a higher drop rate change your difficulty to 10 and you'll start seeing the heads drop more often.
    I found this by pure hazard when I was on difficulty 1 and died close to 100 times for not a single head drop. I then changed to difficulty 10 and it became head drop nirvana.

    EDIT: these are my finding in the wild/waste and do not apply to PvP arena.
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  7. Although in pvp... this does not effect it.... as i myself have tested this on all 5 accounts last week.....
  8. Updated my POST. I guess it would be good to see a higher percentage head drop in PvP but that won't affect me much since I just farm heads in the wild in a controlled environment where I don't get hassled by random bystanders.
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  9. Does looting affect the head drop rate?
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  10. How about PS settings for Off/Random/100%? Random would cover PvP and be the same drop rate as normal mobs.
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  11. I voted no and I guess I'm in the minority now ;)

    Now, in all fairness I have to mention that I hardly mess around with heads whereas mine is even non-existent on the Empire (sorta; 1 copy exists somewhere zecret), so my opinion obviously doesn't weigh as heavy as others who are using them more actively. Even so... Last time I went out to get mine I build a platform, brought a bed and after 10 or so minutes (IIRC) I got it. I was at difficulty 5 or 6 I think, but I'm not 100% sure about that.

    Anyway, I'm not too sure about 15% being too low. Maybe I should give it a quick try just now to make sure :)
  12. We could change it back to default 5%.

    15% was decided as a manageable number to allow you to have to still work for your head, but still get it easily enough. 15% is roughly 1 in just under 7 deaths in a large sample. It's manageable enough to obtain.

    Now if there is a glitch in the system, then we need to work on that to fix it. But the 15% is just fine as is when it's working properly.
  13. To be honest, 15% does seem enough indeed, but because many people seem to not get heads, maybe there is a glitch? (juat a question, not saying there is)

    Maybe a good question to ask (for me): does the head drop percentage change over difficulty levels?
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  14. "15%" "not getting heads" "glitch" am confused =/
  15. its highly annoying to work with someone for 30-45 minutes with no head at all.... VERY annoying. i don't have time to just sit arround... wait 60 seconds to be allowed back into the pvp rooms and then try... repeat.. very annoying, very long, very inconveniencing.
  16. What I do is go to red@5 alone and kill myself in lava. ... that way you don't have a timer...
  17. I thought the head drops where you died not goes into your inventory?
  18. incorrect, it pops in there as long as no one else killed you before...
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