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  1. Alright EMC member I haven't done this in a while but here is my idea and I will make it clear...

    My idea is Receive a Refund (Of 500r) from locked chests when wastelands reset.

    The current system is you must manually remove locked chests and when the wastelands reset, if you forgot that you have a locked out there, you're not refunded.

    For example you thought you forgot to delete that sign off a locked chest. This idea brings when the time comes for the worlds to reset, you are automatically refunded for every locked chest that you have in the wastelands. This would be in the process of when the worlds reset. Thoughts and concerns of this idea?
  2. refunded half price or 1/4 maybe, but fully would be nonesence.
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  3. You already get a refund at half the original amount (1k) to create a locked chest after a certain amount of time. It would be that refund amount. (500r)
  4. +1 - It sounds reasonable and consistent with the design of how locked signs work.
  5. -1

    Sorry, I dislike the idea. I think players should take responsibility for their own actions. The wastelands are plastered with warnings about "don't build", "its going to reset", "it could reset unannounced TOMORROW", right up to it becoming a little annoying sometimes (just my personal opinion!).

    So if you chose to build there, despite all the warnings... Then why should the staff clean up after you?

    I'm not sure here but I think all this would do is delay the resets even more. I could imagine that staff would have to add some new failsaves, they need to check the world prior to resetting (a reset could be as easy as /mv delete <world>) and then of course set up the refund part.

    So much work which could just as well be spend on land protection.

    We're warned almost a week before the events, surely that should be enough to clean things up? My base (approx. 2000 or so blocks out) has already been cleared out, if I can do it then yah.. :D
  6. It's nice to agree with you on some things. :D
    Shell said most of it and Steve has a good idea up there.

    Why not meet in the middle and have Wastelands locked chest cost 750 or 500r? No refund upon breaking it (30 second rule can still apply).
    It would lessen the loss of a temporary permanent chest you may have at a small mining outpost.

    Ideally, I hope to have the need of no locked chests in the future.
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  7. So there is the idea, and then there is the implementation cost. I think of them separately. And when I read your reply it doesn't sound like you dislike the idea. Am I right on that?

    For instance, if it were free and automated, would you still down vote? Or if it already existed, would you argue for it's removal?
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  8. I don't mind the idea of getting some money back for locked chests, however, the current system is very well done and 'it works'. I see no reason to add additional code to recover (what is normally) a small amount of rupees.

    If your base is extensive and you have a ton of chests - then remove them as you recover your stuff INSIDE the chests. Basically - clean up after yourself.
  9. You shouldn't have locked chests just hanging out in the wastelands but we added the ability for short mining trips that need temporary storage.

    The idea remains that it's meant for temp storage only. Auto-refunds would take quite a bit of code and encourage people to over use these temporary storage locations.
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  10. I disagree with this idea.

    The locked chests cost 1000 rupees for a reason. Whether it is for temporary storage, or for long-term (still temporary) storage, the fine to make the chest is not 500 rupees, it's 1000. The removal cost is more-so for players who are packing up their stuff (what you should be doing) and/or moving somewhere else. The removal reimbursement is not owed to you.

    If it is auto-removal, why don't just lower the price to 500 rupees? It'd be essentially the same thing. (there's no valid reason to do that)

    If you find that you place so many locked chests in the wastelands that you can't remove, I suggest you either 1) get voxelmap or some other mod that allows you to set placemarkers or 2) stop placing lots of locked chests everywhere. :)
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  11. http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/locking-items/#costs-and-refunds

    This is in the wiki stating you will get 500r rupees back for locked chests past a 300 second time. If the locked chests are out there you can assume they have been longer than 300 seconds.

    I don't understand why your assuming this is for "Full" Refund.
  12. Most likely, yes. The most important argument for me is players living up to their own action(s). You placed the sign(s), so you accepted the costs. Then I don't think its good gameplay (fair?) to have someone else clean up after you, even if it were automated.

    No, I wouldn't go that far.
  13. I agree everyone who places a locked chest in the waste should know it's not permanent. However people that use supporter vouchers and lock a chest in the Utopia waste but then can't get another voucher before the reset to retrieve the locked chest, should at least get a refund. Considering they aren't able to go and unlock the chest themselves.
  14. if u want ur money back go work for it this is kinda weird...y would u get rewarded for doing nothing?
  15. When Locking in the Waste was first Suggested, I recall a non-refundable cost was brought up. I think if a player doesn't want to go back and break the Sign, they can just consider it the cost of using a Chest out there. It's really no different from anywhere else on EMC. If you never go back, you just spent 500r and most of us can probably afford to let a few Rupees go.

    I think the bigger issue is what becomes of the contents? If auto-Refunds were to be given, I at least, would also expect to have the items in my Chests mailed to me or something. I don't think we need to go to that trouble in order to keep us from spending a few minutes planning ahead.

    If you Lock a Chest in the Waste, you have a good idea of when you'll be coming back next. If it's going to be a while you should clean it out and consider breaking the sign. Even more so for Utopia - Whenever I've been a Supporter, I knew when it ended and planned for it.
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  16. You're not being rewarded, you're being refunded your payment =P
  17. ok then ur being givin ur money back even though if u gave some effort to go back and get it it would be the same....I still don't get y u don't just go do the work urself.
  18. I thought I was pretty thorough in what I meant. For clarification, I mean this in the sense that if you pay 1000 rupees to have a chest locked, and said chest is auto-removed and you are automatically refunded 500 rupees for every chest that was locked, you may as well just lower the locking price to 500 rupees. (for clarification: 1000 - 500 = 500)
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