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Should this be done?

Yes 3 vote(s) 18.8%
No 14 vote(s) 87.5%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. DELTED, Not wanted: HelloKittyRo's unban.
  2. Hello there :)

    This is pretty vague. People can already fly in utopia, so are you suggesting that supporters could fly anywhere?
  3. Sure, and also, THAT IS ONE WERID VIDEO!
  4. That would really give Gold+ supporters quite a significant advantage. Really, it would change the whole game a lot.
  5. Yes I know, but people pay money to get the rank. So technically you're wrong.
  6. Yes, but the perks need to be fair. This isn't a fair perk. :)
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  7. Something similar to this has already been suggested numerous time, and it will likely never happen. There is already utopia for those who wish to fly freely, and giving supporters the ability to fly on every SMP will give them a huge advantage over non-supporters. We want supportership to be something you get to help EMC and improve your game play, not something you have to get to keep up with everyone else. We do, however, appreciate that you are attempting to chip in your ideas on how to improve EMC. :D
  8. I think it is, and thats my opinion.
  9. K,my poi nom
  10. This server is survival based, I don't think it is a fair perk per say. If it was fair then it would relate to still keeping the game survival based like the perks are at the minute (vault, stable, residences, etc.), if you want to fly though then you can go to Utopia where everything is less based around survival but more on, well, everything being double the size and being very different to the normal servers? :p
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  11. Guys, God, it was just an idea!
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  12. Why are you telling God it was an idea? :p

    Also, relax :cool:, it is just feedback.
  14. Was just joking. :p
  15. Ok, let me start a conversation with u:D
  16. People are simply disagreeing with you, not every idea is a popular one. If you want your opinion to be respected, you must respect the opinions of others. They are not trying to be rude, they are just stating that they are not of the same opinion you are.
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  17. What if you were trekking somewhere in waste/frontier? That would be a totally unfair advantage.
  18. I know, and it's my opinion and I think that's ok. And everyone else's opinion is fine too.
  19. I't okay Kitty. We all still love you.
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  20. Thank you, that is very nice:D