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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by tikialex, Jul 6, 2015.

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  1. This is more of an expansion from utopia. I think that the fly flag should be available to all servers. This idea also is referring to the way to activate said flag is to be a supporter. I think this would increase supporter sales and increase number of supporting players in general. As much as it is fun to fly on utopia, I have noticed some supporting players don't like to change SMP's just to take advantage of that special supporter ability.

    When I first got supporter, I got myself a utopia res (which was no easy) and was happy to fly. But after a few hours I realized that the flow of regular players is lower then on any other server. As much as a SMP dedicated to supporters is, the advantages to having it is not in the best interest to supporters who most likely can not get a res there or wish to travel between SMP's.

    (Side Note) - Most new players do not know how to change between SMP's/know that other SMP's are even there. So it would be in the best interest that shops on ever SMP are given best chance to stand out and invite new players to help stimulate the economy.

    -Feed back would be great
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  2. Empire Minecraft tries to stay as close to Vanilla Minecraft as possible, this would move a bit too far away from that.

    Cool idea, but not happening :p
  3. This suggestion is not necessarily aimed towards making the game less vanilla but rather an idea to change bonuses of being a supporter. If the admins are willing to give some I would prefer if they were more readily available to every supporter.
  4. Weather or not it was, that is what it would do. Supporters already have the ability to fly in Utopia, and that is the way it should stay. Supporters have Utopia for that reason, so they can use their privileges there, and if they want to use that privilege, they can go to Utopia.
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  5. This idea I think is worth a shot. I have not become a supporter myself but I think that supporters should be given something else as an added bonus to having help support the server. Utopia is nice but low on player count. Maybe if supporters were given high building limits or maxim mobs limits. These are just ideas.

    Ill give this suggestion a +1 from me
  6. Higher Building Limits and Max Mob Limits are good ideas, but I personally think flying for supporters should stay in Utopia.
  7. I think we get the point about the flying, Just lets see what others have to say about it and not slaughter the idea.
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  8. I think many people would not like this, because it'd give supporters a huge advantage on every server. One may also argue it could be used to cheat games, but that's not really true, as there is a fly flag.
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  9. Its not to give supporters huge advantages but I see it as an opportunity to create more in a community to draw new players in.
  10. It would give an advantage anyway.
  11. I assume that all residences and the town roads would have flying turned off per default. So one could only fly more or less one's own residences.

    So whether you can peek over peoples fences and walls or whether you can get into areas you can't get now would not change.

    This means flying would just make building easier.

    Looking at some big builds - how much easier would it be?

    Big questions:

    Why would someone want to make the game easier for him, when the invested effort and skill is what makes value and what makes the game interesting?

    What would people who excel in building say?
    Would their builds lose value?
    Would their skill lose value?
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  12. This would be unfair to non-supporters and it could hurt some players feelings because they can't do it and supporters could do better stuff with this and non-supporters can't. Well I really like the idea but it could harm the EMC Communtiy.

  13. I don't like this idea tbh. Moving too far from simple vanilla minecraft
    And this isn't something I could see pulling more people into EMC. This would just cause conflict between non supporters not having it and being jealous of flying players
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  14. I don't see why everyone considers non-supporters as mistreated if this is implemented. They could easily become a supporter with a few clicks of a button, or even buy a voucher ingame if they cannot support otherwise.

    The supporter perks are now very limited anyways, with there being no different between gold and diamond anymore (other than random, unneeded res tags etc). The supporter perks NEED to be updated, as I know I am not speaking for myself here and this is one of the reasons I do not diamond or gold support anymore.

    If this was implemented, It should be diamond exclusive. However this idea will more than likely not pass because of the perk itself being very OP.
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  15. Another thing to mention,when you buy supporter, you do it to support the empire, not for the perks (except for the first time, when you want the new resses :p). At least most people I know. In exchange for that, you are given some perks as a thank you.
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  16. this has already been suggested and turned down
  17. Its been mentioned a few times that the fly flag for all SMP's for supporters is an idea to hopefully get more that could be possible add-in perks for supporters. Right now the only difference between gold and diamond are: A little bigger rupees per daily log in, 2+ res (which is nice), number of res tags (not very useful to have 20), vault pages (25 is already alot), base stable slots (I have never needed more than 2). But the one that could be expanded on is res locations. This I think should be bumped up for iron and gold.
  18. I like the idea of giving a few more supporter perks to, well, supporters, but I don't think that this is one of the ones that I'd like to see. It's fine as it is, Utopia is meant to be the place that supporters can do stuff like that, that's why it was made. I do think we could use some other supporter perks though so it's good that you brought it up.
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  19. What fendy said
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  20. Still this has been turned down, please read http://empireminecraft.com/threads/read-suggestion-box-rules-and-guidelines.51202/ to see whats already been suggested and turned down :). And if your paying 10 more dollars or pounds ( not sure about pounds and euros so forgive me if wrong ) you should get more, wouldn't be fair if Gold got more perks than diamond.
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