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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by RaYzAmi, Dec 11, 2015.

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  1. SMP'S are missing Snow/Rain!
    I miss snow or rain (depending on the biome ofcaurse)
    Please consider this.
    I wish on snow biomes to have snow time from time as well as I would like snow golems to exsist.
    However on rainy biomes to have rains.
    Also on dry biomes I would like to have no rain what so ever.
    Please ;)
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  2. Just because it doesn't snow/rain all the time doesn't mean that in never does. Be patient, and you'll get to see some interesting weather. :)
  3. There is no weather in town, but there is weather in the /frontier and /wastelands.

  4. But i mean on the plot areas, I played this server for more than a 100 days and im missing this goodness :)
  5. You could just go to the frontier and afk...?

    Sorry but town is meant to be a weather-free area, nice suggestion, but -1
  6. I remember that "some" time ago, there was rain at Town (I'm talking about ~3 jears ago now :p ) but tey deleted rain beacause someone suggested that :p (I may be wrong here...)
    and, ite will not heappen that there are comeinmg snow carpets on your res when it's snowing

    personally, I whouldn't like it bevause I do like the clear weather when I'm building :p
  7. Or there could be an option for your own plot? Like a command or something?
    That way it will be played in each persons favour or likeness :D
  8. Unfortunately, I do not believe that weather is client side, which means that it would have to be a universal weather for everybody.
  9. Again, it would take some coding skillz and Aikar is busy enough so why push the guy even further? Also who likes the annoying pitter-patter of rain anyway? Also if you want snow on your res, get a silk touch shovel and go to a snowy area and dig up some snow. EASY :D
  10. Love how the snow is falling, but i understand that there is more things you could do. But if anyone has spare time i would absolutely LOVE it!
  11. "Every SMP server has a Town world. The town is a protected world in which players can claim 60x60 lots called Residences. The Town has the normal night and day cycles, and it will never rain or snow in the town because it is always clear. Additionally, no mobs will spawn in the Town."

  12. Need to change the wiki than XD Thank you for responding tho :) Bye nuw ^-^
  13. Change the wiki or is that a misspell?
  14. I can attest that never happened.
  15. The only ones who can do that is Contribution Team and staff. Also as what Sky said:
    Weather I think isn't available on what client EMC uses. Of course if Aikar was on he would justify this, buthonestly, no one likes the weather in minecraft, rain and snow don't do anything, they just get in the way of your view-point until you can't see anything. If you want to listen to the weather or at least look at it. There is always the frontier, but town is meant to be weather-free and nothing will change that.
  16. I am speaking of this:
    • Assuming you are in the same world, if it rains for you it rains for everyone.
      • Unless you are in a biome that changes the rain (desert, snowy taiga)
    • If it doesn't rain for you, it's not raining for anybody else
    I do believe weather is universal for everybody and you can't have it separate per person.
  17. Ah...I misread. Sorry
  18. Maybe I could make a texture pack so that you always see snow or something like that.
  19. It happened twice, once on a world update, and when monuments were spawning in town
  20. Don't really have an opinion on this, but one small comment on something mentioned above; that the weather doesn't do anything. That's incorrect, when it rains then it'll have these effects:
    • If you placed a cauldron then it'll slowly fill up (creates water block).
    • It'll be easier to catch fish (they bite quicker).
    • Crops will grow at a faster rate.
    • It'll put out fire(s).
    • It'll give wolves / dogs a wet fur which they shake off once it stops (makes them smelly too :D).
    With snow there's also a chance that blocks get covered with snow (which some people might not appreciate).
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