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  1. This is a recently thought of idea and I rushed to get it into typing so please bear with me.

    The Basic Idea:
    Basically, each Staff member gets their own Card with a name and lore that is unique to the card/person. The card is issued to the Staff member and is then somehow issued to Empirians (Perhaps /Shop or something for a limited time?) to get them out and rolling. The Empire members can then trade cards to eachother and try to collect every card as they come out or just sell them for profit.

    How is this useful?
    It's not, unless you count it as a way for Staff to never be forgotten.

    Examples of a card:
    Name: ItsMeMatheus's Ducky Card
    Lore: "I'm ducky and I know it!"

    Name: RainbowChin's Rainbow Card
    Lore: "I am the end of the Rainbow."

    The Card will most likely be just a piece of paper or something. This idea is basically just made for the Empire to have fun. I could only assume that the staff would have the ability to choose their own Card name and such.
    With some major rethinking, I have decided upon a similar suggestion to which I have suggested earlier as signified by the spoiler.

    Empire Collector Cards 2.0

    What is it?
    Basically, a variety of objects and mobs get their own "Collector Card" with that contains a unique name and lore. These cards are then issued, in limited amounts, to the Empire Community to collect, trade, or sell them.
    There are a few ways of adding them: Making different tiered cards, or just all of them regular and less complicated.

    How is this Useful?
    It's not...

    Name: Momentus Collector's Card
    Lore: When you heard a rumblin', for your sword you'll go a fumblin'

    Name: Marlix Collector's Card
    Lore: It's a bird! It's a plan! Holy mother of Notch, it's a Marlix

    Thoughts? Opinions? Additions? Multiplications?
  2. Along with the likes, some feedback using words would be great too :D The more attention that goes to this, the more of a chance that the Devs will consider it.
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  3. Or you could do a map of their face :p
  4. I really like this idea.
    +1 from me :D
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  5. Staff would have to go out and build these maps pixel by pixel in a 128x128 area, which might take a long time due to the amount of staff we have :D
    Nevertheless, a cool idea if staff could actually make all these maps :confused:
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  6. Maybe even rarely given to a player as a reward during an event?
  7. I think this is an awesome idea, it's not "just another promo" but something more unique and personal
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  8. Seems a bit unnecessary, but cool :)
    Then again, half of our current promos aren't really necessary :p
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  9. Maps would make cross-server card trading obsolete.
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  10. Interesting idea, I like it. I'm not sure how it would be implemented exactly and why it would be implemented but other than those things, this really is quite a nice idea! :)
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  11. +1 from me, who doesn't like a good card collection? :p

    I quite like this idea, I think selling them for a limited time would work the best, but could be coupled as a prize for staff held events :3
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  12. While I enjoy the creative nature behind this idea, Moderators are intended to be a normal player with permissions to protect players and encourage community interaction. While they are often treated as celebrities and their heads are valued, we are not looking to encourage treating them any differently. Giving them custom items breaks this ideal.

    Not to say this idea won't be used for something else, just not Moderators.
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  13. Do like another admin drop party and drop these of the admins instead of the 80k member stuff
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  14. +1 from me. This is nice, imagine if you got an Aikar Card from a Mob Arena Event. :eek:
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  15. Don't we already have something similar in the form of Signed Books and player Heads? Something like this could be used to represent people outside of EMC like the Mojang development team, political leaders, or celebrities. A game like Magic could be made based on these items.
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  16. Calling them celebrities does not justify what they are. They volunteer their own time that they could be using to create something great to help us with a ton of problems. Once somebody becomes a Moderator, they are no longer normal people (to me) mainly because of what they do (Run events only they can run, etc) and such.

    Perhaps the Cards could be made for people who help the Empire greatly and Empire-only mobs?
    • Contributors
    • Build Team
    • Staff Members
    • Enraged Monsters and Bosses
    • Community Appreciation Winners?
    • me ;)
  17. It's funny, I was actually thinking of making an EMC Trading Card game using written books with random cards like Admins, Mobs, etc. :p Great minds think alike, I guess! Cool idea, but I think I understand what krysyy's saying. :) We don't want to encourage people to apply for mod just to get a card of their own either.
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