(Suggestion) EMC Cross play support (Aka bedrock/java emc)

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  1. yeah, no. That would not work.
  2. Well, it did for me earlier today.
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  3. Oh. Rewinded the video to before your link. Yeah... This is not going to be recommended by us. We can't recommend a random middle-man to handle your session. Yikes.
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  4. Not sure why your're against mobile users from participating in the server. Geyser isnt some random third party, they have been around for awhile now, and by the looks of it have a decent utility. Just trying to encourage and facilitate participation here.

    You can read more about it here.


    Disclaimer, I am in no way affiliated with geyser.
  5. security purposes
  6. Im pretty sure he isn't against mobile users playing EMC,

    from my understanding
    The most recent thing you posted is a bedrock proxy server, that when you connect to it, it takes the input you send from bedrock, turns it into something the java server can understand and sends it to the java server,
    The downside with that is that every piece of data you enter is going through a 3rd party proxy with unknown security, so for instance if you still use the /forumpass command for a password, the people at this 3rd party proxy will see your default EMC password.

    The plugin for geyser does a similar thing that the above proxy does, except on EMC's side, which I recall someone mentioning being taxing on the server to do all that bedrock data into java data, also bedrock isn't exactly the same as java, I don't recall specifics but I remember something about plugins interacting strangely with geyser players, as well as it being prone to creating exploits

    (not trying to put words in chickens mouth) but I think most of us would be happy to welcome bedrock players on EMC if there was a stable and safe way to do it
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  7. I don't have anything against mobile users, except that we are a Java server that focuses on a non-modded experience. So I am going to prioritize Java Edition support, not Bedrock clients which are not built-in compatible with Java servers.

    People can use Geyser if they want. That revelation is not new with your post. The reputation of Geyser does not need defending. The instructions in the Youtube video linked is not from that team though. (nor is the proxy service referenced associated with GeyserMC, just "powered by").

    As someone mentioned, I cannot (and will not) recommend proxies that are suggested in a random Youtube video. They 'could' be fine. But they also 'could' result in a person's session being hijacked or worse. Again, it could be fine but how am I or you to know which it is? I need something more reputable to even consider it.
    Full disclosure, I looked into them more this afternoon. And I stand by my thoughts on the subject. It might be fine, but I don't trust my accounts with it. And if I don't trust it to even test it, I cannot recommend it for anyone else - especially an entire community of people.

    From GeyserMC's discord. Here is their thoughts on this public proxy.

    Noting the warning.
    EMC is an online server. Thus, using this service requires sending your account credentials to this proxy service. Which as I mentioned in this post. I am not comfortable with for myself nor to recommend to our community.
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