(Suggestion) EMC Cross play support (Aka bedrock/java emc)

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  1. So, i was inspired about cross-flatporm server play plugin after i tries to play with it! it's interesting and cool!
    Let me explain with these!
    • First, u have ur phone but u want to pop out in emc for some reasons. This may setup ur shop, access chest for auction and build/free your mind... but you don't bring computer!
    • Second, u're sad. U want play emc for chat (just like me!) and u want to talk anywhere u ready in pocket...
    • Third, u lack computer and would like to play emc but it doesn't allow u to connect emc. How sad if it can't bring to major-child gamers market (aka phone/tablets).....
    • Fifth, u would like to play emc on console but sadly it runs only on java..
    • And sixth: Java mc(currently only windows, linux,mac and most of them are computers) have less player than bedrock mc (any devide like phone, console, computers,...)
    These issues will ease with the aid of cross-flatporm support! We can draw more peeps and also make emc can be access from everywhere, not just computers
    Java account? Oponial(recommded is allow all user(bedrock and java) can connect together)
    How it works?
    First, you connect to emc via bedrock, it will translate every your moment to java
    like this:
    You can interact every moment as u did in java, like digging, placing, flying, etc....

    P/s: this wasn't originally my idea, it's darkhax's idea
  2. Is this possible/viable?
  3. yep. if u haven;t tries it then u can try greyser mc
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  4. Interesting! So, have you managed to connect to EMC with this?
    Personally, I do think it would be nice to able to connect from Bedrock, if it doesn't cause too much issues. I wouldn't be surprised if it did, however.
  5. i did.. Connected to emc via bedrock
    i will sent image to u via dm
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  6. Does this mean that bedrock bugs would impact play of other players on Java on EMC servers? This sounds like a potential vulnerability and not a good thing just saying I love the idea of cross-platform play but it needs to be done correctly and I don't think it should be used if it's not necessarily safe
  7. nahhh, this act as middle and if you connect it via bedrock, it translate every act to java server, not bugs
  8. bump.
    seems idea is dead :/
  9. I wonder if staff have looked into this. I don't think it is common knowledge that this is possible. It didn't use to be!
  10. it's possible. actually.
    and the only need is use 1 server for cross connect
  11. This is something I could see us implementing. It is in fact something we have already considered, but implementing it is not as simple as downloading a plugin and sending it.

    The response to this suggestion is Yes, but not now.
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  12. just folk these plugins for ease of use and complier. Currently these plugins update fast as soon as new version of bedrock is released.
    You can take a look at greyser, which is example about fast update.
  13. You are wrong. Availability of geyser is not the problem.
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  14. Cool to hear, thanks for the response. :) I can easily imagine there's more to it.
  15. This would be really nice to able to connect from my phone or tablet. I’m not at my computer as much as I used to be, but I always have my phone with me. I feel like we would gain more players if there was a way to connect via Mobile.

    Has there been any more info on this or mobile access?
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  16. mr chicken has implemented. let's see if he's do or not.
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  17. anyone had any luck with guyser? I tried using it here but wasnt able to make it work.
  18. someone did i think
  19. who?
  20. Sorry to revive an old thread, but i just figured out how to access the empire through my mobile device, and im really excited. Really simple and only takes a few minutes. Just follow the instructions in this vid. Good luck and have fun.