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  1. Me and a friend were talking about the promo for the voting, and I thought of a great idea.

    A weekly challenge would be a communal contest in which members worked together towards a common goal. On the first day of the week you would have to opt in for the challenge via command with a prize involved. One challenge is for the Empire to collect 50 dragon fragments community wide. At the end of the week, if the goal is not reached, nobody gets the prize. This would help improve the community aspect of the Empire. Only the players that opted in and participated get the award.

    Of course, it would have to have to have a deadline of Friday to opt in the challenge, so no members can easily abuse the challenges, while also encouraging users to take part of the community wide challenges.

    Other challenges could be to get a voting site to top 50(again, they have to opt in and participate to get award), Kill 50 players on smp6 pvp arena, mine blocks or place blocks, etc., or even random fun challenges to lift the mood.

    This feature could be able to improve user interaction in the Wilderness. Some members are home to the wilderness, and if there are communal challenges, it will have the users to do more activities and interact with the community, even if they are not in town.

    Tell me what you think! :)

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    Great Idea!

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  3. Glad you like it lol
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  4. +1 for me!
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  5. Yes!
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  6. Great idea. But maybe something to keep it even for everyone? As some players have more resources, they would get the challenges done easier than those with fewer resources. Maybe based on the total number of days you have been on the empire.
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  7. That isn't really a challenge. I would like challenges that the community can try and achieve so they all get a prize. If it was for how long you have been on the empire, you are not really participating.
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  8. Thats not what I meant, sorry if it was unclear. I meant challenge difficulty could be scaled based on the number of days you have been on.
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  9. +1 from the Ted
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  10. That's a good idea too, but maybe it could be toggled?
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  11. Why are you guys +1 ing it? This deserves a +1000000
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  12. Bump.
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  13. I like this idea, but I prefer it be automatic. It can be in a command like /challenges that displays
    Challenge: Kill 50 Enraged Mobs
    31 out of 50 killed so far for Personal Prize
    301 out of 500 killed so far for Community Prize

    Therefore you do not have to have the chore accepting it. It would be a great addition to Achievements.

    I like the idea of the Empire wide challenge. It adds teamwork and fun. Of course, only people who participated would get the prize.

    Also: I think they should have 7 days to complete the challenge as it is a WEEKLY challenge :)
  14. Bump!
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  15. Le bump.
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  16. Another consideration on the killing mobs is the fact many people have xp grinders and can kill 1000s of monsters with little or no challenge. When picking a weekly or monthly challenge it needs to be balanced and fair and much consideration should go into the challenge.

    Suggestions to keep everyone on an even field -
    1. Mine 10,000 smooth stone (even with a generator you still have to mine it)
    2. Mine 1000 coal
    3. Harvest 1000 wood, mixed or all the same still have to do the work.
    4. Place 10,000 blocks of any kind
    5 Brew 1800 potions

    Remember this is MINEcraft not MOBcraft so lets make it about building, mining, and collecting not just zerging a bunch of random monsters.
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  17. Since it is minecraft, lets remove every aspect of minecraft that does not include mining or crafting. It is called minecraft NOT mobcraft, servercraft, buildcraft or updatecraft
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  18. I once asked somebody why everyone said +1. They responded, saying it was a reference to the +1'ing you can do with google+. I'm pretty sure you can't do +1000000
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  19. Right. That was what he said. There is no mobcraft, servercraft or updatecraft in his suggestions.
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