[Suggestion] Custom Enchants?

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Custom Enchants?

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-1 14 vote(s) 46.7%
  1. Well this one of those suggestions I highly doubt will be added, but its worth a try and seeing what you guys think lol.

    How it works: EMC could have brand new enchants implemented into the game and this could be added to a regular Enchantment Table, or in villagers.

    Why would this be good?: This could add a whole new element to the game. Enchants could be bigger in EMC and make a whole new difference. This would make the PVP area way more populated and very difficult. I think this could eliminate people in PVP practically overpowering the area with Ham Hacker or any other OP weapons given out during holidays. This could just add more things to EMC and I cant see the downfall in this tbh. People wanting these new enchants could change the whole trading system.

    How would it work maybe or what are some examples?: Say there is an custom enchant called "Jump 3" This could permanently give the player Jump boost. There could be a lot of these implemented or they could be changed, whatever would fit EMC better.

    Please leave some feedback on this because for me, I think this could be a very cool plugin. This would add a lot to EMC just making it better!

    - Agent
  2. This would be possible in a manner of speaking. Could you suggest more possible enchants outside of the vanilla possible enchantments?
  3. I suggested something very similar to this a while back, here. Basically, through special mob drops, you could get swords with effects such as poison, slowness, and weakness that would add to a mob when they were hit. There'd also be the inverse of those swords so they could affect undead.

    Same goes with armor - some sort of resistance or regen buff, speed and jump boost for boots, a helmet that applies the haste buff, etc.
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  4. At first I was totally against this, but as I think about what Penguin said, it would be pretty damn cool.

    Imagine if mobs dropped tools/combat items with special enchanted on them!
    • Bouncy Armor - Hostile mobs have a chance to "bounce" off of you. (Knockback with armor)
    • Explosive Sword - A % chance of your sword exploding whenever you hit a mob/player. Kills the mob instantly, along with your sword.
    • Heated Pickaxe - Auto-smelts mined objects. (Only comes with gold pickaxes, for balance!) Able to mine bedrock in Town.
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  5. Feel free to suggest more. That way we do not need to be creative of we add since features such as this :p
  6. You could bring back the quiver. It let you shoot arrows faster, with a fully charged bow.
    Also, I've wanted an enchant to remove arrow drop, just a straight shot. Might have something to do with ghasts..
    Any potion effect that is possible to imbue an armor with would be fun. Fire resistance boots for the nether, Water breathing (not respiration) helm for running across the ocean floor, boots with the jump effects (though, this would potentially destroy parkours in town).

    I've also wanted some weaponized items, like a stick with sharpness or fire aspect on it. The only issue would be an item that has no durability, maybe adding fire aspect alone? A fire wand!
  7. Going completely against my earlier post, and my own suggestion, I'd have to say -1. I dislike the idea of straying this far from vanilla gameplay - the most I'd like to see is potion effects and buffs on tools/weapons/armor, but anything else seems... excessively gameplay changing for the Empire. It's all my personal preference, though.
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  8. I would like an enchant where every few hits with your sword it would give you a small amount of health back. Or an enchant that lets you push back enemies around you every few sword hits.
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  9. #1.9Hype
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  10. Is that for real, cause I am really not hyped for extra arrow types.
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  11. Eh, we likely would not add an of these as part of the normal enchanting process. Heck, some could be a simple promo item (they dont have to just be collectible, but actually practical).
    So basically, I am interested in seeing the creative ideas some of the community may brainstorm on their own.
  12. My thought of these were uncommon mob drops. They do not affect gameplay for people who don't want it that much, but they are a nice thing to have if you want to use them.
  13. Suggestions as custom enchant things lol:

    - A sword with a % of summoning lighting on the opponent

    - A pickaxe that could have a % of dropping an extra ore or anything while mining

    - Like the bouncy armor idea stated by SkyDragon

    - Any piece of armor giving perm. Speed or any other effect.

    - Sword giving random chance of blinding opponent

    - Bow having a % of shooting 2 arrows in one shot

    - Sword with a chance of "stealing" hearts off another player.

    Meh those are just some but I would like this because it couldn't stray TOO far from being vanilla. It would just add more enchants, which is already a vanilla thing. Just adding more than say Protection or Sharpness.
  14. I do think this is a +1 idea. An enchantment or something of the like for a sword that gives it the power to heal you based on the damage you inflict on another entity. I think this type of sword would be a great asset to own when like say your fighting a Momentus and it summons a bunch of enraged for example.

    Just a +1 on the idea.

    Edit: Guess I gave the idea a +2 with the 1 and 1 but anyway... If this wasn't an enchantment and just a promo... *Dramatic twist in the plot... Don't make it soul bound. This would be a great sword to use in Mob Arena... but... you gonna take a chance losing it if you die.

    Sorry... Thinking out loud again. :p
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  15. Sorry about the double post but the idea came to me after finishing up my last post. Being as how I do play the devil's advocate on a lot of things... What about cursed items? Not promos but maybe enraged drops. example... Sword appears with regular enchants of whatever but has a back fire of thorns II on yourself when you use it. Just an idea. :)
  16. Sorry again... Ideas flowing on this one but... say sword again... Doesn't hurt you... Doesn't heal you... It heals itself. "Enchantment o' Repair". :)
  17. Here are a few
    • Bane of Arthropods Protection (Extra protection from spiders)
    • Smite Protection (Extra protection from the undead)
    • XP Looting (Affects the amounts of xp dropped)
    • Anti-Thorns (Has a chance of repelling thorns, would be added to a sword)
  18. But the point is your making tools/swords/armor getting exotic enchants. That goes beyond the point of vanilla minecraft which I do not like. That is why I -1.
  19. The enchantment o' repair, if it heals itself then it would never take damage, as the first hit of durability would immediately be repaired.

    If it only has a small chance to repair, then you're just slowing down the inevitable breaking of said tool, which is already here in the form of an unbreaking enchant.

    Lastly: I am now officially old. All of this +1/-1 mess makes my ancient brain harken for the better times, when we played with sticks and rocks.

    And dinosaurs.
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